10 Best Movies About Weed

Thursday, April 21 by Brenda Daverin

These ten best movies about weed are the most legal high since your buddy in California got his medical marijuana card. Make sure you stock up on the munchies before you watch these movies. The contact high could get brutal.  

  1. "Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke". Cheech and Chong effectively invented the marijuana movie genre. This is their first and most visually weed-heavy movie, featuring what remains the biggest joint in movie history.
  2. "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle". The inheritors of Cheech and Chong's mantle, this became one of the best movies about weed by refusing to take anything seriously. Including Neil Patrick Harris and one of the biggest bags of marijuana seen since "Up in Smoke."
  3. "Pineapple Express". Seth Rogen's contribution to the genre features big guns and big laughs as his put-upon stoner and James Franco's dealer dodge the cops and a drug lord bent on keeping them from spilling the beans about a murder. Probably the most violent weed movie ever made.
  4. "Reefer Madness". Originally made as a cautionary tale, this entry on the best movies about weed list is the original drug exploitation film and a fall-over funny comedy nowadays. Ham-fisted propaganda that makes you wonder what drugs they were doing when they made it.
  5. "Dazed and Confused". This is not only a great movie about weed, it is also one of the most honest looks at high school life since "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." The pot-loving main character isn't an idiot, and the image he provides of Martha Washington packing a bowl for George after a rough day being Father of Our Country is priceless.
  6. "Saving Grace". This weed movie is unique for two reasons. First, it was an art house smash hit. Second, its lead stoner was a woman. A widow turns to growing marijuana instead of orchids to pay off her mortgage and the whole town gets high.
  7. "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". Kevin Smith's stoner duo (ever see a stoner trio?) try to get the money they're owed to make their own movie about weed, "Bluntman and Chronic." In a genre where the stoners tend to fall short, this one doesn't let its heroes fail into a smoke-filled haze.
  8. "Humboldt County". So what happens when a failed medical student meets up with the pretty scion of a marijuana-growing family? A career change and a fun indie romance of a weed movie starring Fairuza Balk and Jeremy Strong.
  9. "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High". A highly rated documentary in the eyes of critics and smokers alike, this look at the marijuana industry and the laws surrounding it checks in with everyone from Tommy Chong to police officers. A potential downer of a weed movie? Not when it sympathizes with the stoner in us all.
  10. "Friday". Ice Cube and Chris Tucker's stoner duo face one of the hairier challenges a weed smoker can endure. How do you pay back your dealer when you've smoked the inventory?
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