This list of ten best movies about serial killers includes some of the better known serial killers in society, and also several that are perhaps not so notorious today. People like serial killer Ed Gein for the most part, are otherwise upstanding citizens that people would never think would do such a thing.

  1. "Monster" – Made in 2003, this movie about serial killers stars Charlize Theron as the female serial killer, Elaine Wuornos. Wuornos is notorious for not only killing 7 men, but she is also one of the first known female serial killers, since it seems that most serial killers are white men. The movie finds itself in the number slot on this list because Theron turns in an Academy award winning performance, and because it is unusual to find a female serial killer.

  2. "Zodiac" – This movie makes it at number two on the list of serial killer movies because the case remains unsolved, and Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey, Jr. Turn in great performances. The film was made in 2007 and is a must-see for anyone who likes movies in this genre.

  3. "Ed Gein" – Steve Railsback turns in a stellar performance in this film about Ed Gein, a little known, but purely evil serial killer and body snatcher from the 50’s. He was a farmer who exhumed several dead bodies and made things from them. He eventually went on to brutally murder his brother, and a female hardware store owner, whom he “dressed out like a deer”. This guy was the inspiration for such movies as Psycho and Silence of the Lambs.

  4. "Helter Skelter" – The world infamous Charles Manson is depicted in this movie, which debuted in television in 1976. Manson is purported to be a “cult-like” leader who ordered the “family” to commit murder, involving who was ultimately actress Sharon Tate and leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Other murders and crimes were committed under his instructions as well, but the others were not notorious as Sharon Tate and the LaBianca’s.

  5. "The Deliberate Stranger" – Ted Bundy was an everyday American guy next door who people loved. Little did they know the type of monster he really was until it was too late. He went on to kill at least 23 people, but many speculate that it was as many as 40. Mark Harmon played the part perfectly in this 1986 movie.

  6. "To Catch a Killer" –Serial killer John Wayne Gacy killed 33 young men in his serial killer career. Brian Dennehy played the part of Gacy in this 1992 made-for-tv movie. Gacy was a well-respected executive, which helped him along the way in his crimes.

  7. "Dahmer" – Jeremy Renner plays one of the most famous serial killers of record, Jeffrey Dahmer, who turned his dark, sadistic fantasies into horrifying reality. He believed that he would be able to create a sex slave, by drilling a hole in their head and making his victim’s “zombie-like”.

  8. "Summer of Sam" –Another one of the most famous serial killers to date is David Berkowitz, self-named as the Son of Sam. The movie was released in 1999 and is directed by Spike Lee. Berkowitz’s reign of terror began in 1977 in New York’s burrow of South Bronx and is one of the ten best serial killer movies of all-time.

  9. "Speck" – Doug Cole plays Richard speck in this 2002 movie, who in the 1960’s brutally raped and murdered eight nursing students. Among serial killers, Speck is probably more notorious than other serial killers because he killed these ladies all at practically the same time, while most serial killer’s kill one or two people at a time, and the victims are typically spread out over time. Speck was caught because at unknown ninth potential victim was hiding and was able to identify him.

  10. "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" – Last but not least, is the story of Henry Lee Lucas, who was convicted of 11 murders, but confessed to involvement in more than 600. The Lucas task force has conceded that 350 of these confessions were “believable”, making Henry Lee Lucas one of the worst serial killers known.