There is always a list for best athletes or most beautiful women, but how many lists could there be for top 10 best movies about presidents? Think about it. The president is the most powerful figure in the world and there have been plenty of actors who have portrayed him in movies. Being the helpful folks we are, we’re happy to give just such a list to you.

  1. “1776” Long before“Glee” came around, people were setting plots and social issues to music. But one of the best movies about presidents was this 1972 film production (based on a Broadway play), which tells the story of the founding of the country and the creation and passage of the Declaration of Independence.

  2. “John Adams” Thirty-six years after the musical telling of the nation’s founding, another movie about presidents was in production, this one chronicling the life of the second President of the United States. This 2008 drama also focused on the first 50 years after the writing of the Declaration and Adams’ role in it propagation.

  3. “Abe Lincoln in Illinois” He is, without a doubt, the most popular of the former presidents, but so few movies have been about his life before taking the highest office in the land. This movie about presidents does just that. Covering the years as a small business owner and his rise into politics, viewers get to know everything that made up this complicated man before he led the nation through one of the most difficult periods in history.

  4. “Frost/Nixon” This 2008 movie based on a 2007 play chronicling the David Frost interview with Richard Nixon is one of the best movies about presidents. There are no action scenes and no feats of bravado here. Just an struggle of wills to get to the heart of what was one of the most scandalous pieces of recent American history.

  5. “War and Remembrance” World War II was a defining moment in America and this movie about presidents tells that story through the lives of a family who fights in the war and the presidents (Roosevelt and ultimately Truman) who see it to its bitter end. The movie was so good it won three Golden Globe awards and was praised by critics.

  6. “Truman” Since its entry into the Union in 1821, the state of Missouri has only produced one president, Harry S. Truman. This movie about presidents tell the story of this man who was a nobody in his hometown and his rise into leading America to the end of one of the most trying times of his existence.

  7. “Thirteen Days” The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 is the backdrop of this movie about presidents. It tells the story of how John F. Kennedy handled his brother, Robert (the Attorney General for the country), his staff and the country in order to prevent a nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union.

  8. “Nixon” This great movie about presidents is not only the second film about Richard Nixon on the list, it’s director Oliver Stone’s second film about a president (the other one being “W” about George W. Bush). Despite initial complaints by critics that star Anthony Hopkins was wrong for the lead role, he wound up getting an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of the 37th president.

  9. “Kennedy” Long before he was cast as the fictional President Josiah Bartlet on NBC’s “The West Wing,” Emmy Award-winning actor Martin Sheen got a chance to play a real president, John F. Kennedy, in this movie. Sheen’s film tells the story of the regrettably short time JFK spent in the office before his assassination in 1963.

  10. “Jefferson in Paris” This movie about presidents covers an intriguing part in the life of Thomas Jefferson. From 1785 to 1789 he served as the Minister to France on behalf of the United States after the Revolutionary War. It was during this time that he began a 30-year long relationship with one of his slaves named Sally Hemings.