The 10 best movies about horses will touch your heart and provide thrills and excitement. Horses are among the most loved and admired animals on Earth. They have been an integral part of motion pictures since the first real movie, “The Great Train Robbery,” was made in 1903. Selecting and watching the ten best movies about horses is a delight and pleasure that all lovers of film and animals should take the time to enjoy.

  1. “Black Beauty” This horse movie is based on the Anna Sewell novel of the same name and tells the story of a black stallion and his many owners over the years in Victorian England. Some are kind and some are cruel. The cruelty inflicted on the horse may make this film unsuitable for small children. This novel has been made into a movie a number of times, but the 1994 version is considered the best.

  2. “The Black Stallion” A boy and a black stallion are shipwrecked on a deserted island and develop a close friendship. Fishermen rescue the pair and the boy takes the horse home to America and eventually rides him in a the most important race of the year. This spectacular horse movie was based on a novel and it spawned several sequels.

  3. “The Red Pony” This movie tells the story of a boy whose rancher father gives him a pony to train. This is a film that features complex characters who aren't always likable and the ending isn't a particularly happy one. This motion picture is one of the best movies about horses because of its depth and complexity, something that many horse movies, even the best ones, often lack.

  4. “The Misfits” This is the last movie ever made by both Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe. A disillusioned young woman connects with an odd group of people, including an aging cowboy and a broken down rodeo star, who make a living rounding up wild mustangs and selling them to dog food manufacturers. Monroe's character, naturally, begins to sympathize with the horses.

  5. “National Velvet” A young girl and and an ex-jockey train an unruly horse for the Grand National Steeplechase. The girl disguises herself as a jockey and rides her horse in the race. For decades, this film was the standard by which horse movies were judged.

  6. “Seabiscuit” This horse movie is based on a true story. Seabiscuit was an undersized, underachieving racehorse who was finally purchased by a man who believed in him. With the right training, Seabiscuit became a prolific race winner. The highlight of the movie is his match race with the great War Admiral, an event called “The Match of the Century.”

  7. “Flicka” A young boy overcomes his father's objections to train a headstrong young mare. This superb horse movie gave birth to several sequels.

  8. “Hidalgo. This horse movie is based on a possibly true, but disputed event. An Arab sheik invites a famous cowboy and his Arabian mustang to compete in a 3,000-mile desert race.

  9. “Phar Lap” This is one of the best movies about horses because it tells the true story of a famous and fabulously successful Australian racehorse who was originally considered a poor specimen.

  10. “The Man From Snowy River” This film is set in the nineteenth century Australian outback and features magnificent scenery. A recently orphaned young horse trainer must prove himself to a big ranch owner and his crew. The young man pursues adventure with horses and romance with the rancher's daughter.