If you love movies specifically about Europe then you'll love this list to learn about 10 best movies about Europe. Some are funny, some are serious and others are horror movies, but they're all excellent representations of Europe and you might just find a new favorite.

  1. "European Vacation" (1985) Starring Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo, this is one of the many "Vacation" movies out of the franchise. This film has the usual fun comedy from the Griswald family as they travel across Europe after winning a vacation to Europe while competing on a game show. They visit France, Italy, Germany and even take a trip to Stonehenge.

  2. "Braveheart" (1995) This movie is about the real person, William Wallace who brings together 13th century Scots to overtake the English rule. It stars Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau and Patrick McGoohan. William Wallace makes the decision to overtake English rule after losing numerous loved ones, including his father and brother.

  3. "Shakespeare in Love" (1998) This Oscar winning film is about a young Shakespeare that meets the woman he falls in love with and is inspired to write one of his most famous plays. It stars Gwyneth Paltrow as the woman he falls in love with and Joseph Fiennes as William Shakespeare.

  4. "Love Actually" (2003) This film is the epitome of Europe, focusing on a group of couples right during Christmas time in London. It stars Hugh Grant and a host of other English actors. All of the actors are falling in or out of love or having something to do with love no matter if it's the right or wrong person.

  5. "The Dutchess" (2008)  This movie stars Kiera Knightly and is a biography about the Dutchess of Devonshire, an 18th century aristocrat from England.

  6. "Inglorious Basterds" (2009) Set in Nazi occupied France, this movie tells the story of a group of Nazi hunters during WWII in Europe. It stars Eli Roth and Brad Pitt and was nominated and won numerous awards including an Oscar. It was written by Quentin Tarantino.

  7. "Hostel" (2005) This horror film is about three friends that are visiting Eastern Europe and are led to a horrific warehouse where rich people pay to be able to murder someone. It spawned a sequel, other movies that are similar and became what is known as torture porn.

  8. "Eurotrip" (2004) This comedy is about a group on high school graduates that plan a trip to Europe where hilarity ensues. It stars Michelle Trachtenberg and Jacob Pitts as friends that end up going to Europe and getting into all kinds of hilarious trouble.

  9. "The Magdeline Sisters" (2002) This film is about three Irish girls that are sent to a school for girls where they are subjected to horrors for nonexistent crimes. The movie is based on a true story of how young Catholic girls were treated up until the 80's in Ireland where for anything at all they could be sent to a reform school for girls.

  10. "Train" (2008) Starring Thora Birch, this movie is about a group of American athletes that get on the wrong train after being led to a nonexistent party. There, they experience horrors similar to the "Hostel" movie franchise where there are many gruesome deaths and a reason behind the deaths.

There's your list of the best movies about Europe. Hopefully you can find one you haven't seen and learn more about the country but if nothing less, you'll be entertained no matter what genre you enjoy.