Screen junkies, movie lovers, animal lovers you name it, everyone love dogs, so what are the 10 best movies about dogs? It's a well known fact, people love animals.  It's been well known for ages and now the commercial giants are getting in on the show. But for years, Hollywood has been making the big money by creating some of the greatest movies ever centered around animals and what we think they are saying or thinking.  

  1. "Homeward Bound" Dogs and one cat make up this wonderful adventure of the trials experienced and togetherness of three pets as they take a cross country journey to get back to their family.

  2. "See Spot Run" An all time great comedy surrounding the trial of an FBI dog being chased by a vindictive drug lord for revenge. FBI agent 11 wins over the heart of a child and his babysitter.

  3. "Air Bud" A lonesome child who has not yet recovered emotionally from the death of his father finds solace in a lost dog. The dog who is the victim of an abusive owner finds comfort and love with the child. 

  4. "Lassie"  Any version of 'Lassie" is a super hit and they are still rolling out "Lassie's" in Hollywood. In one of the most recent versions, Lassie is owned by a young boy who has transitioned from the city to a farm with his father who is now remarried.

  5. "Oh Heavenly Dog" This movie stars Chevy Chase who is a private eye killed in the line of duty. While he still has not atoned for his life, he is sent back to earth in the form of a dog to find his killer, make amends and earn salvation.

  6. "Shiloh"  Story of love formed when a young Beagle seeks the shelter of a child based on a feeling. "Shiloh" is originally owned by a man who feels that terror and hate is the only way to treat life. His Beagle seeks the comfort of another owner for shelter and love.

  7. "Shiloh Season" In the second movie of the "Shiloh"  trilogy, Judd, the original owner of Shiloh the Beagle, is still hostile and angry. In this series, Judd crashes his truck and is discovered by Shiloh. While recovering, Marty and Shiloh try to change Judd's attitude about life and people.

  8. "K-9" Starring James Belushi and Jerry Lee. When everyone refuses to assist officer Dooley, he seeks help from Jerry Lee the K-9. Jerry Lee is smarter than Dooley and outwits him on every turn even when it comes to Dooley's girlfriend.   

  9. "Snow dogs" Demon is the star of the show with his cantankerous ways. He is the lead snow dog and makes it known while creating havoc for Ted Brooks during Ted's quest for answers regarding his lineage. 

  10. "Look Who's Talking Now" This John Travolta and Kirstie Alley hit is the one that took off with people stars, but ended with the dogs as the stars. Even at that, it's absolutely great with Rocks and Daphne in their version of "Lady and the Tramp."