Selecting the ten best movies about cats is complicated by the fact that many movies featuring cats are animated films or have elements of fantasy, such as talking cats. This list gives no consideration to the many fine animated cat movies in favor of films where real cats had to do real acting. Some of the films involve fantasy, but all of the cats are real. 

  1. “That Darn Cat!” (1965 version). A pair of hostage holding bank robbers are hiding out. DC the cat knows where they are. Will he help the FBI find the robbers, or will he keep giving law enforcement the slip? A terrific movie and one of the best performances by a cat ever.

  2. “The Adventures of Milo and Otis.” A kitten and a puppy become best friends and share a penchant for mischief. When the cat accidentally floats down the river, the loyal dog follows his friend. The narration of this movie is exceptional.

  3. “Rhubarb.” A millionaire leaves his vast fortune and the sad sack Brooklyn baseball team to a cat! Surprisingly, the team responds by making a run at the pennant.

  4. “The Cat From Outer Space.” An alien cat, who can communicate with humans, lands on Earth in a damaged spacecraft. He needs some gold to repair his craft, and with the help of a scientist, sets out to get it. Movies about cats often involve fantasy elements, and this is the best of that type of movies.

  5. “Breakfast at Tiffany's.” This film, while not primarily about cats, is one of the best cat movies ever made. It tells the story of Holly Golightly, an eccentric New York party girl, who has an unusual background. you just have to see it, to understand why.

  6. “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.” Two dogs and a cat are left by their family in the care of friends hundreds of miles away. The three pets are determined to find their owners and embark on a dangerous cross country journey.

  7. “Cats: The Movie.” An indoor male cat dreams of escaping outside where there's an outdoor female cat. One day, he gets his chance, and the adventure begins. The cats in this movie were not trained. This natural display of talent makes this film one of the best movies about cats ever made.

  8. “Harry and Tonto.” The apartment complex where an old man and his cat expect to live out their final days is torn down. Instead of moving someplace else, the man decides to travel the country with his cat.

  9. “The Three Lives of Thomasina.” The daughter of a widowed veterinarian loves her cat, but is unloved by her bitter father. One day, the cat is injured, and the father orders it put to sleep. But, cats have nine lives, and this cat has only used one so far. The cat's reappearance gives the father a chance to show his daughter that he loves her.

  10. “Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.” This film is a sequel, and it's better than the original. Cat spy Kitty Galore has turned rogue and hatches a scheme to defeat dogs once and for all. But, that's not enough. She also want to dominate the cat world and control humans, too. To meet this unprecedented threat, cats and dogs must unite for the first time ever.