Here are the 10 best movies about aliens. Hollywood never fails to give us a glimpse into the world of science fiction, where anything is possible. These imaginative people love to give us films that not only showcase their unending imagination that seems to be as big as the universe itself. 

  1. "Star Trek" - Star Trek has boldl taken us where no man had gone before, its' unending mission to seek out new life and new civilizations. This started as a television series in 1963, and has so far produced six spin off television shows and movie number twelve in currently in production. This revolutionary concept gave us a star ship full of interesting characters and introduced us to the idea that a space alien could be a trusted member of the crew. Both Mr. Spock, the unemotional ship’s second officer from the planet Vulcan proved that aliens who belonged to the Federation of Planets could be trusted.

  2. "Star Wars" - Long, Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, George Lucas took us to an interplanetary war that had nothing whatsoever to do with Earth. Every character in these six movies and one television series ("Star Wars: The Clone Wars", on Cartoon Network) are aliens from other planets.

  3. "ET: The Extra Terrestrial" - A young boy named Elliot finds a botanist from another world who has crash landed on earth and needs assistance to return to his native planet. With help from is little sister, Gertie, they devise a plan to help ET phone home.

  4. "Superman" - This was originally a series of comic books, then a television show, and most recently, a series of movies.   Mild mannered newspaper reporter, Clark Kent, learns that he is not human; but, is actually from the planet Krypton. In a last ditch effort, his parents managed to place baby Clark in an escape pod and shuttle him into outer space before their planet is totally destroyed. He crash lands on Earth and is adopted by the Kent family. As a teenager he begins to find messages from his father teaching him about his past and his abilities.

  5. "The Thing" - The thing is an alien life form that doesn't have much of a physical appearance other than when it invades a host body. Once it has possession of a corpse, it will then contort the shape of its physical form further than anything imaginable.

  6. "Enemy Mine" - In this futuristic sci-fi adventure, two warriors engaged in a brutal war between Earth and the planet Dracon collide on an uninhabited, firey planet. At first, the human and his reptilian, alien adversary are intent on destroying each other. The two marooned pilots progressively realize that the only way either of them will survive is to conquer their undying loathing and rely on one another for continued existence; they prevail over their differences and become best friends.

  7. "Starman" - An alien crash lands in Wisconsin and is found by a hysterical widow. He takes on the appearance of her deceased husband and persuades her to take him to Arizona where his flagship should pick him up in three days or he will die. Throughout the entire movie, they are chased by government agents.

  8. "Spaced Invaders" - An armada of ships from Mars are attacking Earth, but one ship is separated from the fleet and isn't sure who they are supposed to be attacking. They put out an antenna trying to pick up communication from the fleet, instead receive a replay of "War of the Worlds" on the radio. This is set on Halloween in a very small country town.

  9. "The Man Who Fell To Earth" - An alien, who arrives on Earth, plans to find a way to save his own planet from turning into an arid wasteland. He supports this effort by capitalizing on several highly profitable inventions, and becomes the authoritative person in charge of an international business conglomerate.

  10. "The Day the Earth Stood Still" - An alien comes to Earth with a warning. His robot kills a guard and he has to go into hiding. Not much special effects, but, strong characterization.