Every critic or media writer has their own list of the 10 best movies 2008.  One would be amiss in not listing a few of these that made the airwaves sparkle when certain names were mentioned.  Then there were others that made the list simply because the message was awesome.  On the other hand, there are those  movies on the list because they were just 'good or excellent.  So, here is the list of 10 best movies 2008.

  1. "W."  Any writer who has a list would consider this to be one of the top 10 movies. In "W," Oliver Stone provides details regarding America's most questionable president of all time.  His portrayal of George W. Bush is one that would make most chuckle!

  2. "The Family that Preys."  Kathy Bates is remarkable as the matriarch, Charlotte, behind the corporate construction giant "Cartwright Firm" with her son William as her contender.  She dearly love's her relationship with restaurant owner "Alice." The intertwined lives of their children plays havoc in this drama.   

  3. "Taxi To The Dark Side."  It's simply mortifying when America seems to be more interested in who parlays across the dance floor in "DWTS" than in what is going on in the world and the country.  Yet, the shameful torture practices of the US and situation and conditions of our prisons is exposed in this documentary.

  4. "Cadillac Records." Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright, Columbus Short and  Beyonce Knowles give spectacular performances as the main man and musical legends who made Leonard Chess the man he was.  This is the story of Chess Records during the late 50's and 60's. 

  5. "The Visitor." When finding an intruder in his place, a gentleman's first inclination is not what he finally relegates himself to.  He takes the time to determine if the individual is someone who should be 'saved.'  And so begins a lesson others could learn from.

  6. "Milk."  What seems to matter more in this country is what does not matter. So is the very pronounced message in the story of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay US public officer shot and killed by a colleague.  "Milk" had a very pronounced appeal and was very passionate about his job and duty to this country.

  7. "Wall-E."  This movie has an underlying statement that can bypass most.  Technology and commercialism at it's best is portrayed in "Wall-E."  It tells the story of a little robot that is lonely and wants love.  His search is beautiful, heartbreaking and oh so sweet. 

  8. "The Wrestler."  An awesome movie that entertains from beginning to end.  Mickey Rourke is an over the hill pro wrestler trying to make a come back and failing at ever move.  With Marisa Tomei as his girlfriend, this film is a winner.

  9. "Role Models." Winning combination in Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott when they begin serving one month as mentors rather than hard time after trashing a truck.  The sentence, they find, is more trying than 'hard time.'  

  10. "JCVD." Acronym for and movie about Jean-Claude Van Damme who is now 47 years old at an age of which some consider washed up.  He finds that he still has some fight and action in him when he becomes inadvertently involved in a bank robbery.