Compiling a list of 10 best movies of 2000 is certainly not an easy task. This year that marked the beginning of a new millennia was packed with a myriad of movies that were cutting edge and creative, both visually and dramatically. With this in mind, any movie list that boasts a top ten title will probably leave off its share of more than a few deserving films. Still, the world needs lists, so check out this list of ten best movies of 2000.

  1. "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon". Visually stimulating, this movie is well remembered for its breakthroughs in special effects and cinematography. This critically acclaimed artistic master piece is a much watch for just about any enthusiastic movie buff. 

  2. "American Psycho". This disturbing little film certainly cannot be left of the list of the best movies of 2000 list. While this film may not have seen a whole of lot in-theater popularity, it has since snowballed into a cultural phenomenon. 

  3. "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?". The reason this movie makes the top ten best films list is simple.  Everyone liked it. From old time country music to a great performance by George Clooney, this movie leaves its viewers wanting more. 

  4. "Unbreakable". Putting a new spin on the comic book action hero movie, unbreakable wowed movie audiences during 2000, making it a must for any movie collection. This film directed by M. Night Shyamalan features a star studded cast including Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson

  5. "Gladiator". This movie makes the top ten best list more because of its popularity than for anything else. Yes, it is your typical action movie, but this film captured audiences, and stayed ato the box office list for weeks on end. 

  6. "Chocolat". There is not much to say about this film except that it features Johnny Depp and reveres the benefits of chocolate. Still, for some reason, this film is must for any DVD collection or best movies list. There is not a soul who walks away from this film without feeling extremely satisfied. 

  7. "Best in Show". This is another example of a movie that did not experience immense box office success but snowballed over time with popularity. It is just a great example of dry, humorous, and witty writing. 

  8. "Cast Away". Tom Hanks on an island talking to a beach ball. Of course this movie is cinematic gold. Watching this film makes one feel as if they are watching this actors true masterpiece. Even with very little dialogue Tom Hanks is able to capture the everyone complete attention. 

  9. "Pay it Forward". Even if you are the manliest man in the universe, you will not be able to keep your eyes dry while you watch this heartwarming but gut wrenching movie. Even thought the films ending leaves its audience mourning, this film definitely belongs on the ten best movies of 2000 list.

  10. "Traffic". This critically acclaimed movie should no doubt be at the top, or in this case the bottom, of every best movies from 2000 list.  There is not a soul who walked away from this film without feeling like they just witnessed a masterpiece.