If you love movies and movie trailers then you'll want to learn about the 10 best movie trailers for 2011 so you can have a head start on seeing the best movie trailers out there. Some are just teaser trailers but they definitely show something worth keeping an eye on and hopefully will lead to an awesome movie in 2011. 

  1. "Cowboys & Aliens" This is a highly anticipated movie with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford about a group of Western settlers who much learn to get along with the Apache Indians when a spaceship crashes in their area of Silver City, Arizona. It has quite a few special effects that lead one to believe that this will be an exciting sci-fi movie.

  2. "Battle: Los Angeles" This is an exciting looking science fiction movie starring Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez about a marine platoon having to protect the city of Los Angeles against an alien invasion. There are two versions of the trailer; one has no monologue and the other is narrated, showing past wars.

  3. "Zookeeper" In what looks somewhat similar to "Night at the Museum" this movie is about a group of animals at the zoo that start talking to their zoo keeper, Kevin James in order to get him the true love he's after. It also stars Adam Sandler and Sylvester Stallone.

  4. "Season of the Witch" Nicholas Cage stars as a 14th-century knight that has to help take a woman that is suspected of being a witch to a monastery where the monks there believe she is quite possibly the source of the black plague.

  5. "Drive Angry" This movie stars Nicholas Cage as well and has a mix of action and occult in a story about revenge. Nicholas Cage is a father trying to get revenge for his daughter's death and may just have to deal with the devil.

  6. "Sucker Punch" This movie is a fantasy about a young girl who is institutionalized by an evil stepfather. In the movie she creates an alternate universe in her mind that may help her escape the institution. This movie has a bonanza of special effects and fantasy elements and is a beautifully created trailer that is a must-see.

  7. "Sanctum" This is a beautifully done movie by James Cameron about a group of cave divers who are trying to access an unexplored area and a cave that is considered to be the least accessible in the entire world. What happens includes a lot of action and it will be available in 3-D.

  8. "Red Riding Hood" From the makers of "Twilight" comes a movie that is a play on the old fairy tale. In this movie starring Amanda Seyfried, a young girl falls in love with a woodcutter in a village that is being terrorized by a werewolf. The visual aspects are quite stunning and it is being coined as a thriller/drama.

  9. "The Rite" For those that love the supernatural and occult, this is a story about a priest attending exorcism school in Italy and has the multitalented Anthony Hopkins as its main character.

  10. "The Eagle" Starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell and Donald Sutherland, this action movie is set in Britain under the Romans' rule. Channing Tatum plays a soldier trying to find a lost golden emblem that is part of thei legion, in order to honor his father's name. It has plenty of action and war sequences.

There you have it; the best movie trailers for 2011. There are many to choose from but all of these movie trailers have excitement and action that will thrill any movie trailer aficionado.