The 10 best movie trailers of 2006 give us captivating glimpses into a number of truly fantastic movies. From future chaos to Boston gangs to Brooklyn boogie, these trailers are great fun to peruse.  

  1. “The Departed” – What do you get when you mix Rolling Stones, Martin Scorcese, and Beantown criminals? One of the ten best movie trailers of 2006. The trailer for “The Departed” moves like a bullet filled with wild music cues, thick accents, mounting drama, and bursts of violence. Get down with it.

  2. “Children of Men” – The trailer for Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 masterpiece “Children of Men” gets off to a bleak start, though is instantly captivating thanks to its director’s prodigious command of imagery. What makes this trailer great is that it does exactly what every movie trailer should do: it makes the viewer believe that not seeing the film would be a crime against nature.

  3. “Pan’s Labyrinth” – 2006 was a big year for Mexican filmmakers. Cuaron gave us “Children of Men,” Del Toro gave us “Pan’s Labyrinth.” The trailer for “Labyrinth” is an ambient masterpiece filled with transporting music, eerie visuals, a menacing voice over, and the magic of myth making.

  4. “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party” – When Dave Chappelle gave up untold riches and the world’s most popular television, most people thought he was insane. The man proved us all wrong with one of the most ebullient films of 2006, Michel Gondry’s documentary detailing the titular party. The film’s trailer is an infectious, madcap advertisement, and one of the best of 2006.

  5. “Casino Royale” – James Bond came back with a vengeance in “Casino Royale,” and the film’s trailer, one of the best of 2006, did a very good job of building audience anticipation. In two and half minutes we get enough explosions, violence, sexual innuendo, and maniacal madmen to keep our appetite wet for 007, as it were.

  6. “Half Nelson” – Ryan Gosling and Shareeka Epps turn in two of the best performances of 2006 in the trailer of “Half Nelson.” The talent and charisma of the pair of thespians and powerfully evident is the arch of the trailer, making it one of the best of 2006.

  7. “Dream Girls” – The trailer for “Dream Girls” is a music lover’s wet dream. There are some great Motown jams, over-the-top hamming compliments of Eddie Murphy, smooth talk from Jamie Fox, and incredible vocal theatrics. It’s all a little generic, but it’s rousing a great and ham-fisted tradition.

  8. “Perfume” – Forget the fact that “Perfume” wasn’t a particularly good movie; its trailer is the shit. The film’s deliciously preposterous plot involves an eighteenth century perfumist with an incredibly sensitive nose who kills women in order to capture their scent. One of 2006’s best trailers features creepy xylophones, an evil baby, a corpse like Dustin Hoffman, and intimations of sexual violence.

  9. “District B13” – “District B13” and it’s trailer are no-frills action extravaganzas filled with martial arts, foxy, ladies, muscular men, cocaine-fueled chase scenes, and some mind blowing madness involving an atomi weapon and an evil intentioned ghetto king pin. Got that? You don’t have a lot of time to get savvy with this film or it’s trailer, they move so damn fast.

  10. “Borat” – Like “Perfume,” the trailer for “Borat” makes the film seem much better than it actually is. While the feature-length film plays like an overlong episode of the television show from which it was spawned, the trailer highlights what is brilliant about the picture and leaves out the bad parts, making it one of the best of 2006.