If you have an entertainment-themed party coming up, you’ll want to consider dressing up in these 10 best movie star costumes. Below is a list of famous male film stars; dress up as them in real life or in one of their famous cinematic roles. The choice is yours!

  1. Johnny Depp - This movie star provides a unique and fun costume. Wear your hair long and unwashed. Don’t forget the facial hair, a hat, colored sunglasses, and grungy clothes. If you want to dress as a particular Johnny Depp movie character, try his pirate character, Jack Sparrow.

  2. Brad Pitt - Dress as this hunkie movie star if you have blond hair and a fit body. You can carry around a bunch of doll children if you want to play him in real life, or you can dress as Brad in one of his many famous movies like “Legends of the Fall,” “Thelma and Louise,” or “Troy.”

  3. James Dean - For one of the best movie star costumes, dress up as James Dean from “A Rebel without a Cause.” Wear jeans with a white t-shirt and a red nylon jacket. Gel your hair, and you’ll look just like the 1950’s heartthrob.

  4. Leonardo DiCaprio - This actor provides a great movie star costume. Dress up as Leo in the hit movie “Inception,” by slicking back your hair and wearing a suit. Don’t forget to carry a totem around with you.

  5. Charlie Chaplin - This classic 1920’s movie star is easy to dress up as and will be instantly recognizable. Pair an oversized suit with a black top hat and a cane. Don’t forget to paint on a mustache.

  6. Al Pacino - To dress up in this best movie star costume, it’s all about the attitude. The easiest costume to wear for this famous actor is his “Scarface” outfit. Simply pair a white suit with a prop machine gun, and you’re ready to impress.

  7. Will Smith - If you want to dress up as a cool actor, consider this best movie star costume. You can dress up as Smith’s “Men in Black” character by wearing a black suit and dark shades.

  8. Tom Cruise - Dressing up as this famous movie star is pretty easy. You’ll just need a tight black shirt, jeans, and sunglasses. Attend a party as Cruise’s “Mission Impossible” spy character by carrying a walkie talkie with you.

  9. Clark Gable - Try going to a party as this very famous movie star from the 1930’s by dressing up as his character in “Gone with the Wind.” Wear an old-fashioned suit with a pipe, and don’t forget to find yourself a Southern belle.

  10. Bruce Lee - This karate master makes a great movie star costume idea. Wear black karate pants and go shirtless if you want to dress up as Lee’s famous character in the 1970’s kung fu movie, “Enter the Dragon.”