If you are looking for the 10 best movie star costume ideas, it is either Halloween when you are reading this or you are about to attend a costume party. While the best costume ideas will not work with every body type, you can at least gain a certain amount of glamour by imitating your favorite cigars.

  1. Humphrey Bogart. No other name screams film noir more than Humphrey Bogart. Get a fedora, a suit and a cigarette. Most importantly, get the cigarette from someone else and make sure not to ever let go of it.

  2. Audrey Hepburn. Hey, who says that only males need to look at a list of top ten movie costumes? This actress played in a number of movies and a woman with the right body type looks extremely good in it. Guys, please don't do this.

  3. Sean Connery. Because Mister Connery has a long and distinguished career, a person can go as a young James Bond or the old man who starred in the "League of Extraordinary Gentleman." This best movie star costume idea works even better if you have a Scottish accent.

  4. Johnny Depp. If you are not adverse to wearing a lot of mascara as a guy, why not pretend to be Johnny Depp pretending to be Jack Sparrow? Sure, it's not one of the most creative movie star costume ideas, but it will certain please fans of swashbuckling movies.

  5. Silent Bob. Fans of "Clerks," "Chasing Amy," "Mall Rats," "Dogma," and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" will love this costume. It's the only one on the list of ten best movie star costume ideas that an overweight person can pull of easily. Grow a beard and put on a baseball cap to complete the look.

  6. Hannah Montana. If you are dead set on looking like teenybopper or want to make fun of this celebrity, why not choose this costume. Miley Cyrus has appeared in several films. What makes her one of the top ten movie star costume ideas is that people know who she is, although they probably have not seen her movies.

  7. Dr. Frankenfurter. This is one of the top ten movie star costumes only for guys who look good in a bustier and fishnet stockings. Such gentleman are, thankfully, extremely rare.

  8. Megan Fox. Ladies, if you are reasonably attractive dressing up like Megan Fox may get that special guy to notice you. The outfit she wore in the somewhat confusin Jonah Hex movie works best.

  9. Bruce Campbell. He may not have played a major role in any A-list films, but everyone remembers him as Ash in the "Evil Dead" movies.

  10. Carry Grant. Play it again, Sam. A gray suit and a fedora work, but you must have the right voice to pull of this and make it be one of the ten best movie costume ideas for your party.