Thanks to the Internet, you can find 10 best movies sites online. Long gone are the days where moviegoers rely on newspapers, Siskel and Ebert shows to find out if a film is a dud or a blockbuster. While there are thousands of movie sites, only a few is the most popular and the best on the web.

  1. Hulu. Hulu is one of the best movie sites on the web. The website properly organized with free full-length movies, including movie trailer, documentaries and TV shows.

  2. Internet Movie Database. This popular movie site has tons of information on movies, trailers, including a forum where moviegoers discuss among each other about celebrities, TV shows and movies they enjoy. Internet Movie Database also provide free movies to watch.

  3. Fancast. Fancast is a subdivision of Comcast Cable Company, which offers free movies, television shows, including entertainment news. They show movies from the past and present for viewers to enjoy.

  4. Movie2k. This website shows high quality movies and Movie2k members can upload films, increasing the collection of movies daily. All you need is a Div X- Web player and Flash web player to watch movies.

  5. Watch Movies. AZ-Everything on this movie site categorize by genre with a list of over 1,000 movies seen in theatres throughout the decades. While you cannot watch a movie instantly on the website, there are other sites redirects you to it.

  6. Google Video. Google provides all sources of news and entertainment in only one search engine. They also have Google Video, which you can find different popular movies, which redirects its viewers to Youtube.

  7. iTunes. Music is not the only thing to do download on iTunes as they provide movies too. Just download your favorite movie and upload it to your iMac or iPod music player. Once the movie downloaded you can play it instantly and watch the movies anywhere you go through your ipod.

  8. Retrovision. One of the best websites to watch classic movies, plus the site is easily to navigate. Pick a category (Comedy, Action, Drama, etc.) to find a particular movie; you will also find other related movies located below the movie video. Since it is a public domain site, anyone can download a movie and burn it into a DVD disk.

  9. Free Movies Addict. Similar to Watch Movies AZ, this movie site also redirects you to other websites that streams movies. This website offers movie reviews, trailers and have different collection of movies dated back from the 1920s.

  10. Netflix. Netflix has taken over the Internet by storm as one of the top online rental movies websites to visit. Movie viewers can watch streaming movies free for a month and if they love the service, they can cancel at anytime with no charge. Netflix also sends DVD and Blueray disk by mail and provide fast service so members can watch their favorite movie in no time.