Movies are full of sex, so finding the 10 best movie sex scenes requires hours of painstaking research. There are many elements that make sex scenes great: hot women, boobs, butts, long tanned legs and pretty faces. There are other elements that can detract from the viewers enjoyment such as nude males. After careful consideration here are the best movie sex scenes.

  1. "Desperado,"  1995. In this sex scene, Antonio Banderas gets to fulfill every mans dream: to have sex with Salma Hayek. If there are better boobs in the world than Salma's they have yet to be discovered.  

  2.  "Brokeback Mountain," 2005. This film featured some other more talked about sex scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal, but his romp with Anne Hathway was the highlight of the flick. Young Anne is no longer a princess with a diary, she has bloomed into a woman with great boobs. 

  3.  "Body Heat," 1981. Hard to believe that it was 30 years ago that Kathleen Turner and William Hurt were going at it in "Body Heat." Judging by the rumpy pumpy in this movie they are probably still cooling off.

  4. "The Reader," 2008. This rather depressing film about Germans after the war is not one to watch on date night but it is good to watch if you like seeing Kate Winslet naked. The English actress exposes herself frequently but this is Kate ate her frisky best. 

  5. "Basic Instinct," 1992. This film features a lot of shots of Sharon Stone and all that she has to offer but the first scene is the best. Any movie that immediately throws the viewer into a sex scene featuring a tied up male and a blonde with big breasts deserves an Oscar. 

  6. "Eyes Wide Shut," 1999. This film is fascinating to watch because the two lead actors were going through a divorce at the time it was made. The sex scenes between Tom and Nicole are both intriguing and enjoyable for men and women to watch. 

  7. "Titanic," 1997. This sex scene was the movies most memorable section which says a lot considering that later on the boat sank and thousands of passengers were killed. Leo and Kate went at it until steam finally blocked our view. 

  8. "Monster's Ball," 2001. If there was man in the world who could resist the allure of Halle Berry then he must have been cured after watching this film. Halle has the perfect body and Billy Bob is the man having all the fun. 

  9. "Last Tango in Paris," 1972. Legend has it that Marlon Brando wanted to actually have sex during this movie sex scene but his co-star would not co-operate. You can't blame the man for trying and frankly looking at him you can see why she snubbed him. 

  10. "Original Sin" 2001. It is that man again, Antonion Banderas and this time Angelina Jolie is the the busty brunette on the receiving end. Men everywhere were jealous and presumably his wife wasn't too pleased.