We sometimes count on a chick flick to inspire and pull at our heartstrings and the list here does just that because it contains the 10 best movie love scenes of all time. Each of these movies contains a memorable love scene(s) that will surely leave you with that warm, fuzzy, heartfelt feeling that otherwise does not materialize in reality. 

  1. "The Notebook" is a 2004 romance-drama with the best movie love scenes based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks. As the story line unfolds and you find yourself emotionally entwined in a love affair between the two protagonists from very different social backgrounds, a certain parallel between the present and the past involves the two main characters.

  2. “The Titanic” a 1997 dramatic-historic version of the maiden voyage of the Titanic with the best movie love scenes. With a focus on the romantic liaison between Rose and Jack, a couple that cross paths and fall in love. Although the Titanic is a sad recollection of the sinking of this historical ship, the romantic twist adds a bit of charm to this must-see movie.

  3. “Unfaithful,” a 2002 movie with its steamy encounters between a suburban housewife and a French bookseller, makes this list of best movie love scenes of all time. Connie Sumner and Paul Martel meet by chance and become involved in an affair that does not end well.

  4. “Ghost,” a 1990 drama with a pottery love scene, qualifies this movie as one with the best love scenes. Sam and Molly are caught up in an unfortunate experience. After Sam is murdered, a greedy colleague pursues Molly. Sam’s soul trapped in the form of a ghost and tries to communicate with Molly to warn her of her possible demise.

  5. “Pretty Woman”  is a 1990 fairy tale romantic comedy about Vivian Ward, a prostitute being employed and then rescued by Edward Lewis, a successful businessman. Although both Edward and Vivian are cautious about becoming involved, the inevitable happens.  

  6. “Body Heat” is a 1981 seductive movie where Ned Racine meets up with Matty Walker. Ned is a lawyer who kills Matty’s husband so that their passionate affair can continue.

  7. “The Big Easy” is a 1987 movie that takes place in New Orleans where Detective Remy McSwain is investigating a local mob murder and manages to get in the way of assistant D.A. Ann Osborne. A love/hate relationship ensues between the two, which produces some of the best movie love scenes.

  8. “Ho Stella Got Her Groove Back” is a 1998 movie where Stella, an executive, meets up with Winston, a 20 year-old while on vacation in Jamaica. Stella and Winston engage in some very steamy shower scenes that qualify as great movie love scenes.

  9. “Risky Business” is a 1983 movie that takes place in Chicago and involves high school student and a call girl. Joel and Lana meet and the chemistry between them produce some steamy scenes that take place on the Chicago L Train. 

  10. Great Expectations” is a 1998 romantic-drama based on Charles Dickens's timeless tale. This modern day version takes place in New York City where a man of a modest background, Finnegan Bell, falls in love with Estella, a rich girl. Finn pursues his childhood love of art to become a famous artist so he can be worthy of Estella's love.