There is nothing like the passion of an onscreen kiss, so here are the 10 best movie kisses of all time. Whether it be the character's intentions or the actor's chemistry, many elements come together to make a truly good cinematic smooch. Here are ten of the best.

  1. "The Notebook" A modern classic love story that penetrates the hearts of even the male viewer. The intense chemistry between stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams paired with the tragically romantic story of their character's Noah and Allie only added to the appeal of intimate moments. The kiss in the rain was so memorable, it even won an MTV award.

  2. "Never been Kissed" Having your first kiss on the mound of a baseball field with a packed crowed seems more like a nightmare, but it sure was sweet in this movie. Drew Barrymore is a 25 year old reporter who goes undercover as high school student, only to learn that she has all of the insecurities and lack of experience she had when she was a teen. After revealing who she really is, she must go for a dramatic gesture of love to win back the teacher she has fallen for, thus a first kiss with an audience and the Beach Boys "Don't Worry Baby" follows.

  3. "When Harry Met Sally" There is always something special about realizing that you are in love with your best friend. A genuine friendship that grows organically through the years into something more. After crossing the line of friendship and sleeping with each other, it's the emotional kiss on New Years that followed Harry's line, "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

  4. "Definitely, Maybe" A romantic film that comes with a little mystery. A father (Ryan Reynolds) lets his daughter figure out who is mother is in a story of his past relationships. In real life, this would just be recipe for disaster but in a movie, that just allows the daughter to help the father realize who his true love really is. The tiny Isla Fisher leaping into the arms of Reynolds makes for quite a lovely reunion kiss.

  5. "Some Kind of Wonderful" This is a film that has two exceptional kisses. There is the very sexy kissing lesson that Mary Stuart Masterson gives her best friend, and secret love (Eric Stoltz). The final kiss in the film is a passionate and sensual kiss that deserves special recognition.

  6. "Sixteen Candles" This movie kiss has become iconic. Samantha Baker's entire family may have forgotten her birthday, but her dream boy Jake Ryan can't seem to get her out of his head. Molly Ringwald and Michael Schoeffling sitting on the dining room table, stealing a kiss over the sixteen candled birthday cake, is pure classic.

  7. "Jerry Maguire" Director Cameron Crowe sure knew how to create an intimate moment when he filmed this kiss. Beautifully back-lit, making stars Renee Zellweger and Tom Cruise look even more dreamy, this was a kiss that was up close and personal. The lovely music, something Crowe always includes, made the kiss even better.

  8. "Brokeback Mountain" After years of being a part, Jack and Enis sure know how to make up for lost time. When Jack( Jake Gyllenhaal) goes to the home of his long lost love Enis (Heath Ledger) after years of being a part, rough and tumble kiss ensues. Too Bad, Enis's wife caught the show.

  9. "The Wedding Singer" Sometimes kisses that were originally intended to just be a platonic teaching lesson proves to be so much more. When Julia (Drew Barrymore) needs to practice which kiss she is going to use at her wedding, she practices on best friend Robbie (Adam Sandler). Of course, when two people are potentially secretly in love with each other, a platonic kiss is just going to open up a can of worms.

  10.  "My Girl" Who doesn't love a first kiss? They can be awkward or really disappointing. The best way to ease awkwardness? Begin reciting the pledge of allegiance. They might only be eleven, but it's not a bad idea.