Ever find yourself comparing your favorite 10 best movie hot scenes? Everyone has a movie or two that contains scenes so hot it’ll just put them in the mood in a matter of moments. If you don’t, take a look at ours and start one of your own.

“The Lover”

Not everyone remembers this movie’s hot scenes, let alone the movie itself, but it made a big splash when it premiered in 1992. It also made an instant star of Jane March who plays the lead but is simply listed as “The Young Girl” in the credits. Rumors that the film’s sex scenes were real ignited a brief controversy when the director didn’t immediately deny them. He only did when March publicly berated him.

“Henry and June”

The first film released with an NC-17 rating by a major studio shows a 19 year-old Uma Thurman being seduced by Maria de Medeiros (playing Anais Nin). Their scene is probably one of the only times where the movie’s hot scenes between two women were hotter than the ones with men in them.


Many women aren’t into a lot of gratuitous sex in films, but they will make an exception for this one. This movie’s hot scenes really are something to behold and not just because the director went against type by casting Diane Lane and not just another blond 20-something in the role. The portrayal of a truly conflicted woman who sets a ball in motion that leads to tragic consequences is one of the better sexual drama to be put on film.

“The English Patient”

The movie’s hot scene where Ralph Fiennes literally tears off Kristin Scott Thomas’ clothes as they start to make love only to be followed by a scene where he is sewing the buttons back on is both romantic and amusing at the same time. It’s actually kind of funny the way it plays out.


The sexual chemistry between the two lead characters (played by Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore) in their first love scene together is deserving of recognition as one of this movie’s best hot scenes.

“Last Tango in Paris” 

When discussing the age-old question of whether the actors in a movie’s hot scenes were really doing it not, this movie almost always enters into it. Fans wouldn’t expect Marlon Brando to be willing to do hardcore on-screen sex, but that was the rumor surrounding the film following its premiere. However, both the leads and the director deny the stories. Ironically, despite all of the attention the movie got, Brando considered it one of his worst performances.

“9 Songs”

Here is the interesting aspect about this movie’s hot scenes; they were in fact quite real. In fact, they were so graphic that there was little point in denying it. Surprisingly, this film didn’t get a lot of attention in the United States, but sparked a major controversy in Europe over whether it’s truly an art house film or just well-acted porn.

“Body Heat”

Fans of Hollywood’s best movie hot scenes never forget this picture with John Hurt and Kathleen Turner. Maybe it’s because of the somewhat violent scene between the two when Turner seduces Hurt during a hot summer night until he can’t take it anymore and literally breaks into her house so that he can ravage her.

“A History of Violence”

Audiences weren’t expecting this movie to have any hot scenes, but they got a treat with not one, but two. The first is a somewhat innocent scene between a loving, albeit somewhat kinky couple while the second one is just the opposite.

“The Hunger”

This is on the hall of fame for best movie hot scenes in that it feature two women together in a surprisingly graphic way and for the fact that both were relatively famous at the time (Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve). It still ranks as one of the best lesbian sex  scenes put to film.

 - Mark Dodson