We remember these 10 best movie ghosts as some of the prime choices in film apparitions. Movie ghosts have evolved from cheap backdrop images and poor lighting to the heightened range of graphics available to offer a three dimensional appeal. Prepare for the best movie ghosts, beginning with one of the scariest sets of horror movie ghosts ever to make it to the big screen.

  1. The Juggernaut serial killer ghost from "Thir13en Ghosts" (also spelled "Thirteen Ghosts") shares a disturbing slice of insane junkyard horror. Post-will reading, a nephew, his family and intruders try to avoid his uncle's collection of ghosts after the glass fortress kicks in auto lockdown. The Juggernaut's ghost character stems from a sad story; he turned into serial killer after his mother and father's death. He died, prior to becoming the Juggernaut ghost, by shots from police.

  2. Jack, portrayed by Griffin Dunne in "American Werewolf of London," falls victim from a werewolf attack and dies. Jack's ghost appears to his friend, David.  Jack may be one of the most persistent, flesh-dropping visitors of all movie ghosts. Jack falls apart during the movie while assisting his friend's hairy situation.

  3. The white demon, from 1982's "Poltergeist," remained in a graphics battle against an average family of four. This ghost is an evil, twisted grasshopper guard with blackened, empty insides. This scene comes when the mother seeks escape, but the ghostly creature tries to block her.

  4. Sam in "Ghost," a 1990 classic starring Patrick Swayze, carries a story between a sexy ghost and his mortal woman, a wacky channeled fortune teller and a thief. Sam was one of Patrick Swayze's finest performances. 

  5. Ghost of Christmas Present in the 2009 "A Christmas Carol" decoratively offers a spin on things that lands Ebenezer Scrooge in lower places. Full of greenery and holiday cheer, the large Ghost of Christmas Present pulled the rug out from under Ebenezer's feet, literally, and let the bottom drop.

  6. Smoking ghosts: A health risk in the afterlife? "Ghostbusters" presents all kinds of ghosts, including the ghost who could fit a box of cigars in his mouth.  Watch this ghost fly by the next time in viewing the 1984 movie, which is guaranteed to break a smile.

  7. Toshio, the ghost on "The Grudge," offers some frightful scenes for all cast members and one really pale kid. The creepy ghost has talent, too. Ever watch him go down a flight of stairs?

  8. The well trapped ghost of "The Ring" needs to get out, but how? The main character tracks down the source of a strange video tape (connected to deaths) to the ghost in the well. The long-haired girl, always noted as the well dweller, will always mark one of the weirdest ghosts of this decade.

  9. Twin girl ghosts from the "The Shining" crafted a new wave of eerie little girls. Creepy doesn't begin to describe these girls that appear out of nowhere. 

  10. Shoeless Joe Jackson in "Field of Dreams" caught more than a ball from another time, he captured a huge following after that performance. Shoeless Joe Jackson was the first ghost to be found on the field by the homeowners.