Grab the rug-rats or just your inner child for these 10 best movies for kids. Kids’ movies have grown and changed over the years like other movie genres. There movies for kids are just as enjoyable for adults.

  1. “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial”. This is a great classic movie to share with kids. It’s the story of an alien stranded on Earth and the children that help him get home.

  2. “Toy Story”. This is one of those movies for kids that you might find yourself wanting to watch even when the kids aren’t around. It’s the story of a toy cowboy that is replaced as the favorite by a spaceman toy. Two other movies have also been released and they both hold their own against the original.

  3. “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. This is one of the best movies that Tim Burton has ever had a hand in. This movie for kids is about the king of Halloween Town and his discovery of Christmas.

  4. “Wall-E”. This computer animated movie for kids is a science fiction story about a robot. It does have a very green plot to it that rubbed some adults the wrong way but for the most part it’s a fun movie for the whole family.

  5. “The Princess Bride”. This is a great movie and perfect if you are looking for a movie for a kid friendly date. It’s a fairy tale with action, an evil prince, a princess and her true love.

  6.  “Spirited Away”. This movie was originally titled “Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi”. It’s the story of a young girl who escapes from the reality of her family moving by stumbling into a fantasy world.

  7. “Back to the Future”. This is another classic movie that is great to share with another generation of movie fans. It’s the story of a teenager that gets sent back into the past and has to make sure his parents still meet. Other movies were also released that are just as good as the first one.

  8. “Shrek”. This kids movie is one that all ages will enjoy. It’s an unusual fairy tale about an ogre who saves a princess. Three other movies and several TV specials have also been released.

  9. “The Lion King” . If you are looking for a movie to watch with a kid that won’t bore you, then you should consider this classic kid flick. It’s the story of a young lion, who has to overcome the death of his father and become the king he was meant to be. Several other movies were also released and there was a TV show.

  10.  “Finding Neverland”. This is the story of the man who wrote Peter Pan and the family that inspired him. It’s a great movie for kids and the whole family.