Picking out the 10 best movie fight scenes wasn't very challenging at all. Movie goers generally like the thrill of violence, including special effects detailing war, serial killers that dismember their victims and aspiring fighters that should tear their opponents to shreds. The best movie fight scenes can range from isolated life or death martial artist bouts, such as in "The Kickboxer" where opponents dip their hands in glass. Regardless of the context, the movie fight scenes alone with rattle every action enthusiast.

  1. Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris - "Return of the Dragon": What else needs to be said? Chuck Norris has become the center of attention when it comes to invincibility. In fact, a lot of fight enthusiasts would wager that the majority of the people today would place bets on Chuck Norris for the win. Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris will never happen again.

  2. Rocky vs Apollo - "Rocky": Rocky Balboa is determined to go the extra mile and prove that he is more than just a bum. With very little experience, Rocky decides to undergo boxing lessons in hope of winning the heavyweight championship. Along the way, Rocky falls in love with an overly-anxious pet store clerk named Adrien that becomes the source and motivation for reaching success. In the end, Rocky fails to defeat Apollo, but feels the pride and join of going the full distance.

  3. Neo vs Agent Smith: - "The Matrix": "The One" finally realizes his surreal abilities shortly after arriving into "The Matrix." Neo vs Agent Smith showcases the vastness of Neo's undiscovered prowess and understanding of the unreal world he is destined to destroy in order to save humanity.

  4. The Last Round In "Karate Kid": Daniel-san prides Mr. Miyagi after learning the way of the dojo. Daniel-san, formerly a defenseless outcast, fights the final round of a tournament against a school bully. Daniel-san uses the karate techniques involving "wash-on, wash-off" and "sweeping the leg" in order to defeat his opponent.

  5. Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader - "Star Wars": An unexpected family duo transpires into one of the best movie fight scenes in cinematic history. Luke Skywalker faces off with the Sith lord, Dark Vader in a blue-beamed saga that burns holes into the memory of all who dare to watch it.

  6. The Scene in "Enter the Dragon":  Bruce Lee challenges the Shaolin instructor and criminal, Han in a memorable movie fight scene still admired to this day. Bruce Lee proves why he is still regarded as one of the best martial artists of all time.

  7. Alleyway Fight Scene - "They Live": "They Live" portrays a drifter named Nama that stumbles upon a pair of "special" glasses that enables him and construction partner named Frank to "see" the world for the way it really is. However, a fight ensues in an alleyway before Nama can successfully muzzle the pair of glasses onto Frank's head. The fight symbolically represents the resistance we put up when faced with the truth.

  8. Edward Norton vs. Himself in "Fight Club": The outright psychotic "narrator" attempts to frame his boss to escape his nine-to-five job while collecting the much needed benefits.

  9. Bruce Lee vs Kareem Abdul Jabaar - "The Game of Death": Bruce Lee has become the center point of this list of the best movie fight scenes. However, watching the best martial artist of all time versus his student, Kareem Abdul Jabaar who is arguably the best NBA player of all time, requires no explanation.

  10. Final Fight Scene in "Million Dollar Baby": A different angle to "Rocky," except with a woman desperately wanting to fulfill her dreams as a boxing champion. Maggie is determined to win, despite her loser family members who could care less whether she lives or dies.