If you haven't seen any Mexican-American movies lately you're really missing out, so now you can learn about 10 best Mexican-American movies and get caught up on some of the best out there. Here is your list to learn about the best Mexican-American movies ever.

  1. "La Bamba" - This 1987 biographical account on Ritchie Valens' life and death showcases his music and lifestyle up until his untimely death. It stars Lou Diamond Phillips, Esai Morales and Joe Pantoliano.

  2. "The Legend of Zorro" - This 2005 film stars Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones and focuses on the swashbuckling Zorro and his wife during a time when California has a pending threat to its statehood.

  3. "Real Women Have Curves" - The 2002 "Real Women Have Curves" film is all about a girl named Ana and her transition to womanhood in a Mexican-American family. It stars America Ferrera from "Ugly Betty" fame.

  4. "Tortilla Soup" - This 2001 film stars Hector Elizondo, who is a Mexican-American master chef that has lost his taste for cooking but still wants to live life to the fullest. It showcases his relationship with his three daughters and includes drama, romance and comedy.

  5. "Machete" - "Machete" is a 2010 movie by Robert Rodriguez starring Danny Trejo as an ex-Federale who is betrayed by his organization and goes on a bloody rampage of vengeance.

  6. "Selena" - This 1997 biographical movie tells the story of Selena Quinanilla-Perez, who was a tejano singer born in Texas who quickly rises to fame before her untimely death by her biggest fan. It stars Jennifer Lopez, Edward James Olmos and Jon Seda.

  7. "American Me" - This is a 1992 film about a Mexican-American ex-Mafia kingpin and his release from prison. His transition into life after prison has him taking his former lifestyle into introspect. It stars Edward James Olmos and William Forsythe.

  8. "My Family" - Also known as "Mi Familia," this 1995 film tells the story of three generations of an immigrant family and their lives. It stars Jimmy Smits, Esai Morales and Edward James Olmos and showcases their trials, triumphs and tribulations.

  9. "Like Water for Chocolate" - This is a 1992 film that shows the viewers how life was in Mexico long ago. It is a love story and was a groundbreaking Mexican movie that set a precedent for all others. It stars Marco Leonardi and Lumi Cavazos.

  10. "Born in East L.A." - This is a story about an American of Mexican descent who mistakenly gets caught up in an immigration raid and is deported. It stars Cheech Marin, Daniel Stern and Paul Rodriguez. It was released in 1987 and is a comedy.

There you have it; you can now learn about these Mexican-American movies and catch a few that you may not be familiar with and experience a new type of culture.