The ten best martial art movies are the ones that really stand out from the crowd. You've all seen martial art movies with flat plots and a lot on fighting. You deserve better. In light of this, here are the ten best martial art movies that you really won't want to miss. 

  1. "Six-String Samurai" - Elvis is the king of "Lost Vegas" after Russia nukes the United States. Then, he dies without designating an heir to the throne. Musicians come from all over to compete for the throne. However, Death is also one of the competitors. Here's where the martial arts come in. Sidekicks Buddy and Kid become the Kung Fu heroes of the story. 

  2. "The Last Dragon" - Bruce Leroy seeks the ultimate goal of martial arts: "The Glow." In this inner city comedy classic, Bruce rescues a singer from a deranged promoter and takes on Sho'nuff, an evil martial arts master.

  3. "Black Dynamite" - A sinister plot perpetrated by "The Man" lead Black Dynamite on an ass whoopin' adventure through the ghettos of Los Angeles and beyond. This martial art movie is probably on par with "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" and perhaps is even better. 

  4. "Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki" - Ricki-Oh practices "Breath Control Kung Fu" and becomes nearly invincible. This makes his time in prison a little difficult because everyone wants a piece of him. 

  5. "Kung Fu Zombie" - A priest raises zombies from hell to mess with martial artist Billie Chong. 

  6. "Remo Williams" - This is a great tough guy movie from the 1980s. A white guy learns martial arts from a skinny Asian guy and kicks a lot of butt. 

  7. "Kung Fu Hustle" - A group of thugs takes over 1940s Shanghai, leading to all out war. This martial art movie is a mixture of comedy and pure violence. 

  8. "Revenge of the Zombies" - Like "Kung Fu Zombie," this martial art film features zombies. It also features real Asian people just like the "Kung Fu Theater" classics of old. 

  9. "Enter the Dragon" - Did you think that you would get through this whole list without seeing this Kung Fu classic? A deadly tournament opens lots of opportunities for ruthless violence. 

  10. "Mad Monkey Kung Fu" - A pet monkey, a crippled Kung Fu master and gangsters. Do you really need more details? 

This your one stop source of the ten best martial arts movies of all time. Guaranteed, you will not be bored with these films.