If you're wanting to impress your girl by picking out a romantic movie with some love scenes to get her in the mood, check out this list of the 10 best love sex scenes. Your thinly veiled attempt to get in her pants might not go unnoticed, resulting in a lucky you tonight.

  1. "Top Gun". Tom Cruise indeed gets his breat taken away during the romantic sex scene alongside Kelly McGillis. As the two get it on in the darkness, you'll be able to show your girl that even a bad ass action flick can have it's tender moments. You're so sensitive.

  2. "Titanic". When Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio finally get a chance to get their freak on, get their freak on they do. In a literally steamy scene involving both of them naked in the back of a car, Kate's hand smacking the glass and then dragging down is all it takes to show your girl that getting it on in the back of your mom's sedan isn't all that lame after all.

  3. "Blue Lagoon". This entire movie is just like one huge sex scene. Every humans' fantasy comes true as these two very attractive people are stuck on a deserted island with nothing to do but bone each other. A movie this full of passion will get your girl to see that you love sex, but you also view her as the only girl in the world. Lucky her.

  4. "Fatal Attraction". On second thought, since this movie inspires psycho chicks the world over, you may want to approach with caution. That being said, the scene where Michael Douglas is slamming Glenn Close on the sink is hot and steamy. Just keep a close eye on your girl taking notes from Glenn Close's character.

  5. "Ghost". Although the clay scene is hot, be careful not to put too much emphasis on it, as you may find yourself taking pottery classes with your girl in the near future as a result. In classic romantic lovin' style, Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore burn down the screen with this romantic epitome.

  6. "Gone With the Wind". Ok, so technically not a sex scene, but when Clark kisses Vivian, seemingly against her will, and then drags her to the bedroom, you can rest assured there will be some boots knockin'. Literally...as in, they wore boots back then. Regardless, this is a primal example of proper roles in a relationship. Your lady really wants you to take control, so get on it, stupid (for legal purposes, you are reminded; no means no!)

  7. "The Notebook". If you want to show your girl your undying love for her, watch the scene in The Notebook where Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams kiss in the rain, full of crying type stuff. Why? Because after they get done with the cry-fest, they get down and dirty after ten years apart. Let this be proof to the heartbroken; she might come back. Ok, doubtful, but you can always write her a letter.

  8. "An Officer and a Gentleman". Fine, so you're not Richard Gere or in the service. It doesn't matter, as watching the hot love scene between Gere and Debra Winger in the motel will be enough to get your girl to salute you. You'll probably be standing at attention as well.

  9. "Dirty Dancing". Jennifer Gray certainly has the time of her life with Patrick Swayze in the love scene from this classic. After working up the nerve to ask for a dance, boning shortly ensues as the two make your girl wish you were a better dancer. In the end, it doesn't matter; prove it in the bedroom.

  10. "The Departed". Once again, your girl will be willing to sit through some awesome action scenes just to get to the love scene. This is a win-win situation. Leonardo DiCaprio let's loose on his therapist, who is also banging his nemesis, Matt Damon, in this hot scene of lovers torn between right and wrong. When you get done watching The Departed, see if you can get her legs parted!