A list of the 10 best love movies has to contain it's fair share of oldies. Back in the days of the classic films of the 70's and before, the love in the movies was more emotional than it seems to be in the movies that have come out in the last 30 or so years. Love is in the air, and here are the best movies in which to find it.

  1. “An Affair To Remember” starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr brought the 50's alive with love. Would you make plans to meet a stranger at a specific place and time six months down the road? And if you did, what would happen? Love finds trials in this movie, but it wins out in the end.

  2. In 2001's “Serendipity” two people meet and make a plan to find each other again, much like “An Affair To Remember”, but with a twist. This clever flick stars the beautiful Kate Beckinsale and Jack Cusack. The meet over a pair of gloves, they both almost get married, but in the end they find true love. 

  3. “It's A Wonderful Life” is the classic Christmas tale of George Bailey. Will George find the faith that he needs to live for the love of his family? This holiday favorite graces family television sets around the world and share not only the love between man and woman, but also the love that is shared between families.

  4. Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda show that love can last forever in “On Golden Pond.” Even grumpy old men and bossy old women can remain in love until their last breath. This movie tears at the heart strings.

  5.  “An Officer And A Gentleman” remains a classic tale of love. Debra Winger's character falls for a Navy flight school hot shot played by Richard Gere. Love and turmoil ensue. This best love movie shows the struggle that servicemen must battle to find real love. 

  6. “P.S. I Love You” is the best love movie of the new millennium, so far anyway. Hilary Swank plays a girl whose new husband, played by Gerard Butler, dies young. But he made a plan to help her to move on, through recordings of himself. And she does find love again.

  7. Everyone loves “Pretty Woman.” This movie made Julia Roberts the popular actress she is today. And who doesn't remember Richard Gere taking the hooker off the street and making her a wealthy woman? Just because a woman makes money with her body doesn't mean a rich man can't sweep her off of her feet.

  8.  “Ghost” is a classic film of love, love that extends beyond the grave. Patrick Swayze uses a psychic Whoopi Goldberg to tell his grieving wife, played by Demi Moore, who killed him. It is most definitely one of the 10 best love movies, if only because it shows love beyond death. No one ever forgets the pottery wheel scene.

  9. Patrick Swayze gets another nod in best love movies with “Dirty Dancing.” In 1987 the world learned that “nobody puts Baby in the corner” and they found out that a muscular dancer could fall for a shy little wallflower. If the movie doesn't make couples fall in love the music will.

  10. “Jerry Maguire” had the world at “Hello” and ends off the list of 10 best love movies. Before Tom Cruise started bouncing on couches he was yelling “show me the money” and falling for Rene Zellweger, on screen. Love comes from many places, even the desire to follow your dreams, or someone elses.