The 10 best love movie scenes are a mixed bag from romantic comedies, epic love stories and sappy breakup tales. Regardless of the genre, a good love movie scene will capture your imagination and cause you to reflect on the many facets of the heart.

  1. “The Wedding Singer” - In this 1998 romantic comedy, Adam Sandler plays a down-on-his-luck musician who falls for a perky waitress played by Drew Barrymore. In this love movie’s climactic scene, Sandler surprises Barrymore with an acoustic serenade on an airplane in mid-flight.

  2. “Titanic” - As one of the all time best love movies, this 1997 epic has no shortage of memorable moments. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet play unlikely lovers using the infamous ship as their playground. The pair’s best scene occurs when Winslet’s rich-girl character impresses DiCaprio with her dancing and beer-swilling abilities at a party below decks.

  3. “The Notebook” - A modern-day love movie classic, this 2004 drama features Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in a sweeping love story spanning decades. The movie’s best scene is at the beginning of their relationship arc, when Gosling risks his life by climbing a Ferris wheel in the hopes of convincing McAdams to go out with him.

  4. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” - This memorable love movie scene takes place in the mind of the 2004 movie’s main character, played by Jim Carrey. After a bad breakup, Carrey decides to have his mind erased of all memories concerning his ex. He reconsiders, though, and the two take refuge deep inside Carrey’s brain in a memory of a beachfront house on the night they met.

  5. “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” - Perhaps the most enduring of the ten best love movie scenes, this iconic moment takes place in the 1961 classic starring Audrey Hepburn. Sitting alone on the windowsill of her apartment, Hepburn sings “Moon River” and is overheard by a struggling writer upstairs. There’s no dialogue in the scene, onl knowing glances, but that’s more than enough.

  6. “Say Anything” - John Cusack is a modern master of love movies, and this 1989 film is his best work. Cusack plays an aspiring kick-boxer trying to woo the town’s beautiful valedictorian, played by Ione Skye. The critical scene comes when Cusack stands below Skye’s window, serenading her with Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.”

  7. “Jerry Maguire” - 1996 saw the release of this romantic comedy, full of quotable lines and memorable scenes. Tom Cruise plays a sports agent who falls for his only employee, Renee Zellweger. The movie’s best scene comes when Cruise returns from a business trip to declare his love. After his climactic speech, Zellweger replies: “You had me at hello.”

  8. “The Princess Bride” - This 1987 film cemented its place in the ten best love movie scenes by being quirky and endearing. Cary Elwes plays a masked swordsman out to win the heart of Robin Wright, a beautiful maiden. When Wright pushes Elwes down a hill, she realizes that he is the lost love from her past, and Wright goes tumbling after him.

  9. “Coming To America” - Eddie Murphy plays an African king out to find an American wife in this 1988 love movie. He keeps his identity a secret, ultimately landing a minimum-wage job and falling for his boss’ daughter. The best scene occurs on a swing in her backyard, as the two share a heart-to-heart talk that’s both hilarious and romantic.

  10. “There’s Something About Mary” - A modern classic in every sense, this 1998 comedic love movie features nerdy Ben Stiller trying to woo the gorgeous Cameron Diaz. He’s not the only one trying to win her affections, though, and the best scene occurs at the climax when everyone (including Brett Favre) shows up to compete for Diaz’s attention.