Some actress are only remembered for their role in a love making scene, and today we present you our list of the 10 best love making scenes in a movie. Each scene has been carefully picked. Some of them are funny, romantic, and some just plain stupid but what each scene has in common is that it is one of the scenes that people remember most about that movie. Without further wait here is our list of the best love making scenes in a movie.

  1. "Team America" - Only the creators of "South Park" could think of a love making scene like this. Two puppets with neither of them having any genitalia. Yet they manage to do it missionary style, reverse cowgirl, and 69. It was comedy and love making at it's best.

  2. "Wild Things" - You mention Denise Richards and somehow "Wild Thing"s always comes up in the conversation. Denise Richards isn't the only hot naked girl in the love making scene, Neve Campell is also butt naked. Take out Matt Dillon and you got the perfect love making scene.

  3. "American Pie" - The number three best love making scene in a movie has only one person in it. The receiver in this case is not a women but it is a pie. That is all that needs to be said.

  4. "American Wedding" - "Pussy's pussy," a quote said by Steve Stifler in the last "American Pie" film. He said this quote right after he had sex with Jim's wife's grandmother. That reason alone makes it our number four best love making scene.

  5. "Brokeback Mountain" - A gay love scene in a mainstream movie, how can that not be on this list? It may not be the best, but it is one of the first, and that has to count for something.

  6. "A History of Violence" - Cheerleaders having sex 69 style. Hot girl, cute guy; how could this not be on our list of the best love making scenes in a movie?

  7. "Gone In 60 Seconds" - What guy doesn't have this fantasy of making love in the back of a classic car with a hot girl? 

  8. "Gone In 60 Seconds" - Yes, this movie has more than one best love making scene in a movie. This guy drives home in his Lamborghini goes up to his penthouse apartment and has sex with his hot ass girlfriend. The funny part is while he's having sex his car is getting stolen.

  9. "Boys Don't Cry" - How can you not like this scene. Brandon Teena a girl living as a guy has sex with his girlfriend Lena. The funny thing is Lena doesn't know Brandon is a girl till they have sex.

  10. "American Pie 2" - Stifler tells two blond bi girls that he is willing to do anything with any guy to have sex with the two of them and guess what happens; he gets his wish.