The 10 best long sex scenes are graphic, scintillating, bizarre, hilarious, indecent, bombastic, lewd, crass, sweaty, violent…you get the point. Basically, they embody everything that makes movies great.

  1. “9 Songs” – “9 Songs” is less a film than it is a series of very long, very graphic sex scenes interrupted by the central couple going to concerts. All of the sex is unsimulated, so basically what you get is a porno with a sad ending and very good acting. There’s fellatio, blindfolding, money shots, fingering, and more in this series of 10 best long sex scenes.  

  2. “Wild Things” – All hail the genius who came up with the idea of having Neve Campbell and Denise Richards get it on in a swimming pool. After that scene filled with steamy kissing, there’s one of the 10 best long sex scenes, an extended threesome involving the ladies and Matt Dillon that involves Campbell pouring champagne on Richards’ chest. Holla!

  3. “American Psycho” – The central sex scene in “American Psycho” is long, absurd, graphic, and hilarious. Patrick Bateman sets up video cameras, orders two prostitutes, and nails them in a room full on mirrors. As he’s going to town, Bateman looks in the mirrors at himself, flexing his muscles while given a narcissistic monolog about how great he is. It is surely one of the 10 best long sex scene.

  4. “Basic Instinct” – This is a film known for it’s long, graphic sex scenes. A particularly long scene of Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone savagely having at it is top-ten caliber. There’s lots of oral, fierce humping, headboard rattling, a fully nude, and a smoking Stone. The coup-de-tat? A mirror on the ceiling.

  5. “Sex and Lucia” – “Sex and Lucia” is an NC-17 graphic Spanish film starring European cutie Paz Vega as the titular character. In one of the 10 best long sex scenes, Vega sits her man on a couch, does a strip tease, takes his clothes off, grabs his junk, and rides him like a champion jockey.

  6. “Y Tu Mamá También” – Mexican auteur Alfonso Cuaron’s coming of age masterpiece follows two young men on a road trip with an older woman. They boys both have sex with the woman individually and in tandem in the film’s culminating scene. One of the ten best long sex scenes takes place on a dusty Mexican road. The boys fight, one runs off, and the other nails the broad in the back of the car. Sweet.

  7. “Boogie Nights” – “Boogie Nights” has countless choice sex scenes, the best of which is one of the 10 best long sex scenes. The extended sequence involves young porn star Dirk Diggler’s first day on the job and has a very long take of Mark Wahlberg, as Dirk, giving the old in-n-out to Amber Waves, as played by Julianne More.

  8. “Team America: World Police” – The extended sex scene in “Team America” solidifies its reputation as one of the most tastefully when the female puppet craps on the male puppets face. Before that, this 10 best long sex scene has 69ing, doggie style smashing, a rim job, and the pil drive. Boo ya.

  9. “Crank 2” – Directors Neveldine and Taylor created a three-minute masterpiece of public lewdity for "Crank 2". The coitus takes place on a horse track, and is so graphic that genitals of stars Jason Statham and Amy Smart had to be blurred out. It’s funny, graphic, hot, and one of the 10 best long sex scenes.

  10. “The End of the Affair” – Ultimately, “The End of the Affair” in incredibly depressing. If you’re not looking for an atmospheric tragedy, stay clear of this film and seek out the sex scene online. Said scene takes place on a staircase, and trust us when we say it’s graphic, long, and very intense.