When watching movies that feature inspirational and uplifting moments that often bring a tear to the eye, you know you have been watching one of the best life changing movies. These movies feature stories about people climbing from the depths of despair and finding a salvation never believed possible.

“The Blind Side”Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for this life changing movie about an inner city boy who is saved from a life on the streets. The movie is based on a true story about a boy who in taken in by a family and overcomes obstacles to become a professional football player.

“Requiem for a Dream” – This life changing movie is one that ever high school student should be forced to watch. The film follows three friends and one of their mothers as each succumb to various addictive drugs. The characters do not survive but anyone who watches it will have their life changed.

“The Shawshank Redemption” – This Stephen King adaptation follows a man wrongly accused of murdering his wife. Sentenced to prison for life, he  realizes he will never prove his innocence and plots his escape. When he breaks out, the scene is one of the most life changing movie moments of all time.

“The Truman Show” – Jim Carey stars in this film about reality TV before the genre took off. He portrays a man who lives unaware that all his friends and family are actors and he is the star in the story of his life. When he finally learns the truth and leaves, it makes it a life changing moment to rival all others.

“American History X” – Ed Norton stars in this life changing movie centering on racial tensions. Norton plays the older brother who ends up in prison where he finally learns not to hate only to find his brother following his old hateful footsteps.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” – James Stewart stars in one of the best life changing movies of all time. He plays George Bailey, a man who has never achieved his own goals in life and chooses to kill himself. An angel then shows him how the world will be if he had never existed.

“American Beauty”Kevin Spacey stars in this Oscar winning life changing movie by Sam Mendes. Spacey is a man living in an unhappy marriage, going through the paces of an unhappy life. When the film ends, he is not in a better place but at least he finally has a smile on his face.

“Slumdog Millionaire” – This Danny Boyle Oscar winning movie is one of the best life changing movies of all time. The Bollywood styled film follows a street kid who gets the chance to be on the Indian version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and uses the opportunity to win over the girl of his dreams.

“127 Hours” – Another Danny Boyle movie, “127 Hours” is based on a true story about an adventurer who ends up trapped in the desert, with his arm pinned behind a boulder, for 127 hours. James Franco earned an Oscar nod for his starring role in this life changing movie.

“Life is Beautiful” – Robert Benigni writes, directs and stars in this life changing movie about a man who is captured by the Nazi’s with his young son and put into a concentration camp. The father takes it upon himself to make his son believe it is just a game to help him survive the otherwise horrible experience.