These films rank among the 10 best Latin sex movies ever made. From classics by renegade Spanish director Pedro Almodovar to more recent films, they simultaneously manage to trace the psyche of Latin people. Did we mention that they’re hot, too?

  1. "Y Tu Mama Tambien." “Y Tu Mama Tambien” is one of the most popular Mexican films of recent years and inarguably one of the best Latin sex movies. It is a coming-of-age tale about two young guys and the woman they both fall for; in the end, they realize that they may also have deep feelings for each other.

  2. "Battle in Heaven." “Battle in Heaven” is the best Latin sex movie that features real on-screen sex. It is about a working-class couple that kidnaps a baby for the ransom money – and the drama that ensues from this mishap.

  3. "Kilometer Zero." This summer sex comedy tells the story of fourteen lonely people who happen to meet at Kilometer Zero in Madrid. The movie was directed by Juan Luis Iborra and Yolanda Garcia Serrano.

  4. "Lower City." This compelling drama tells the story of a young prostitute and her friends. It was cinematic debut of acclaimed director Sérgio Machado.

  5. "Jamon, Jamon." Penelope Cruz is one of the sexiest Latin actresses alive, and this is our favorite film that she stars in. If you never thought there could be a sexy movie about food, then you obviously haven’t seen “Jamon, Jamon.”

  6. "Live Flesh." This is famed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar’s best Latin sex movie, though truth is he’s made many. It is loosely based on the novel of the same title by Ruth Rendell.

  7. "Pixote." This 1981 film is about a young boy living on the streets of Sao Paolo. Prostitution, crime and drugs are part of his daily reality.

  8. "Women on The Verge of Nervous Breakdown." Carmen Baura and Antonio Banderas star in this classic sex comedy by Almodovar. It’s our second favorite sexy movie by him.

  9. "The Holy Girl." Acclaimed Argentinean director Lucretia Martel made one of the best Latin sex movies in recent years in the form of “The Holy Girl.” It’s about a young girl coming-of-age in a hotel, where her mother has chosen to live, and an older doctor who has the hots for her.

  10. "Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands." Dona Flor comes to realize that good sex and a good man don’t always come in the same package. This Brazilian comedy rounds out our list of the best Latin sex movies.