The 10 best Latin dance movies will leave any viewer wanting to dance in the heat of the night. Latin dances are full of passion and fire. Each movie that portrays that does with the skill and precision, much like the dancers themselves.

  1. "Dance With Me" Like most Latin dance movies, "Dance With Me" follows a young Cuban man who has just buried his mother and is trying to meet his father for the first time. What makes this Latin dance movie so spicy is its ability to entangle family issues with dance.

  2. "Shall We Dance" This film explores the secrets behind a Japanese accountant's desires. Fed up with his drab life of numbers, he begins taking Latin dance classes. Instead of counting spreadsheets, he starts counting dance steps. He quickly rediscovers himself in this musical comedy.

  3. "Black Orpheus" Made in 1959, "Black Orpheus" tells the mythological tale of Orpheus and Eurydice myth. However, it was filmed with the backdrop of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. Epic dancing, costumes and love are soon to follow.

  4. "Strictly Ballroom" Written and directed by the amazing Baz Luhrmann, this film takes the viewer into a fantasy world of dance and its high pressure situations. With humor and spice, Baz Luhrmann creates a feast for the eyes. The kooky world of ballroom dancing is given new light in "Strictly Ballroom."

  5. "Mad Hot Ballroom" This documentary film follows a public school in New York City competing for a huge dance trophy. The ballroom dancing teaches children lessons in life and love. But do they win the trophy? Only their hearts can decide.

  6. "Take the Lead" A modern Latin dance movie about teaching a bunch of inner-city kids how to ballroom dance. Of course, Antonio Banderas is in it playing the teacher who believes in his students, but the students end up teaching him more.

  7. "Lambada" Leading a double life is never easy. The lead character in this Latin dance film knows this all too well. A teacher by day and a dancer by night, he could lose it all when a jealous student exposes his secrets.

  8. "Dirty Dancing" A classic love story. "Dirty Dancing" combines Latin dance, music, love, family arguments and Luhrmann's use of class. Its humor and intimate storytelling makes it one of the best Latin dance movies to date.

  9. "The Mark of Zorro" When a wealthy young man dons a mask in order to help out society, this film blossoms into a Latin dance movie. With each lash of his sword, Zorro whips his feet. Set in the backdrop of early California where the law was loose, Zorro keeps order the only way he knows how.

  10. "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights" Set during the '50s, a young girl gets plopped into Havana because of her family. Finding shelter in a young man, she starts to rediscover herself. The spicy Latin dancing plays the role of matchmaker as these two keep things steamy.