The 10 Best Latin American Actors were all hit by the acting bug at early ages. Most of these actors have gone on to win awards in either America or their own countries. Once they were discovered by Hollywood, these Latin American actors were thrust into the spotlight and became huge international film artists. Below are the best Latin American actors.

  1. Fernanda Montenegro: Referred to as "The First Lady of Brazilian Theater," Montenegro is one of the best Latin American Actors. Known for her role as the leading actress in "Central Station," Montenegro was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. Fernanda Montenegro has been involved with the Brazilian stage, television and film since 1940.

  2. Catalina Sandino Moreno: Born in Bogota, Columbia, Catalina Sandino Moreno is another one of the best Latin America actors. Beginning her acting career in 2004, Moreno beat out 900 other girls for the lead role in "Maria Full of Grace." Moreno has become only the third Hispanic actress to be nominated for an Academy Award.

  3. Demian Bichir: Born into a family of actors, Demian Bichir is another one of the best Latin American Actors. Born in Mexico City, Bichir began his acting at the age of fourteen in soap operas. In 1990, Bichir had the lead role in a film called "Sex, Shame & Tears" which became the most successful box office hit in the history of Mexican cinema at the time.

  4. Fernando Fernan Gomez: During the Franco era, Gomez had already worked in over 170 films which makes him one of the best Latin American actors. Gomez directed a feature film in 1952 but he is best remembered for his roles in comedies as well as dramas.

  5. Gael Garcia Bernal: Making his acting appearance as a child with his parents, Bernal is another one of the best Latin American actors. He became a teenage soap opera heartthrob. Even though he has been offered large acting roles outside of Mexico, Bernal has decided to stay in Mexico and has become one of Mexico's leading young actors.

  6. Salma Hayek: As another one of the best Latin American actors, Salma Hayek knew at a very early age that she wanted to become an actress. She became a star in the Mexican soap opera "Teresa" but she moved on to Hollywood to broaden her acting career. After her role with Antonio Banderas in "Desperado," Hayek's career became very successful.

  7. Norma Aleandro: As an Argentine actress and screenwriter, Aleandro is one of the best Latin American actors. Famous for her role in the Argentine film "The Official Story," Aleandro received a Cannes Award for best actress. She transitioned to Hollywood films in the 1980's and was nominated for an Oscar for the film "Gaby: A True Story."

  8. Benicio del Toro: After taking his first acting course in college, Puerto Rican born Benicio del Toro was hit by the acting bug. As one of the best Latin American Actors, Benicio del Toro became famous after his award winning performance in the 1995 hit movie "The Usual Suspects." Benicio del Toro is only the third Puerto Rican actor to ever win an Oscar award.

  9. Rita Moreno: Rita Moreno is one of the best Latin American Actors who has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award.  Moreno is most widely recognized as the actress who landed the role of Anita in the Broadway Musical of "West Side Story."

  10. Jose Ferrer: Best known for his role in Cyrano de Bererac, Jose Ferrer is one of the best Latin American actors. Born in Puerto Rico, Ferrer graduated from Princeton University in 1933 and made his Broadway debut in 1935. In 1981, Ferrer was inducted int the American Theater Hall of Fame.