Not all of the best kung fu movies are in Chinese; here is our list of the 10 best kung fu movies in English, starting with what may be the greatest kung fu movie of all time at the top of the list. Bruce Lee and many other Hong Kong stars have made films in English, and homegrown English-speaking stars have contributed to the pantheon as well. Here are the best kung fu movies in English:

  1. "Enter the Dragon" - The kung fu movie that started the craze in America is this spy film/martial arts tournament featuring the greatest martial arts movie star of all time, Bruce Lee. "Enter the Dragon" showcased not only Bruce Lee, but blaxploitation martial artist Jim Kelly and longtime kung fu villain Bolo Yeung. It is undisputedly at the top of the list of the best kung fu movies in English.

  2. "Forced Vengeance" - Top American martial artist Chuck Norris headlined this Hong Kong-set entry on the best kung fu movies in English list. The opening sequence, with Norri fighting an opponent in silhouette in front of neon, is a classic of the genre.

  3. "The Matrix" - "I know kung fu," Keanu Reeves' Neo says, and the action begins. Sci-fi and martial arts combine in this entry on the list of best kung fu movies in English, with the dimensions of martial arts action, influenced by Hong Kong cinema, being stretched by very high leaps and very long bounds.

  4. "The One" - Hong Kong star Jet Li is the center of this excellent kung fu movie in English. It is his best film since he began making films in the West.

  5. "Kill Bill Volume One" - Quentin Tarantino's ode to the martial arts films he loved is a great kung fu movie in English on its own. Uma Thurman makes a hell of a deadly heroine.

  6. "Kill Bill Volume Two" - Volume Two winds up below Volume one on the list of best kung fu movies in English only because there is far less martial arts action. The training sequence featuring kung fu legend Gordon Liu ensures its appearance on the list, though; it is a classic sequence worthy of any of Tarantino's kung fu movie heroes.

  7. "Rumble in the Bronx" - Jackie Chan's first true American film is his best, filled with amazing stunts and spectacular fight scenes. The plot doesn't make a lick of sense, but does that matter when it's one of the best kung fu movies in English ever?

  8. "The Transporter" - Co-directed by legendary fight coordinator Corey Yuen, this Jason Statham vehicle's absurd action makes it one of the best kung fu movies in English. Once again, it doesn't make much sense, but it's sure fun to watch.

  9. "Bulletproof Monk" - Starring Hong Kong film star Chow Yun-Fat, this is a fun romp with great fight scenes. It is also a product of Corey Yuen's excellent fight choreography.

  10. "The Game of Death" - The final film on the list of the best kung fu movies in English is only as low as it is because it did not reach its potential; legend Bruce Lee died during filming. His fight with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar alone makes it worth a watch, however.