Want to know what the 10 best Korean scary movies are? Korean cinema has developed a strong base of horror filmmaking, also known as K-Horror, which produces some of the best Korean scary movies ever made. The movies share a theme of ghostly girls and superstitions while retaining a spooky ambience that the American remakes never come close to capturing.

  1. “A Tale of Two Sisters” - This Korean horror film is one of the best Korean scary movies but most Americans have only seen its lesser remake, “The Uninvited.” Both films share the same plot line, two sisters believe their stepmother is trying to kill them, but as with most Korean horror films, nothing is as it seems.

  2. “Thirst”- Korean master filmmaker Park Chan-wook directs this masterful vampire movie, one of the best Korean scary movies ever made. Forget all the “Twilight” styled vampires because this takes a priest and infects him with vampire blood, causing immoral thoughts and desires. It is a dark, black vampire tale.

  3. “Whispering Corridors” - “Whispering Corridors” is one of the films that kick-started the recent trend of K-Horror and is one of the best Korean scary movies of its time. It is highly influential on many films that came after thanks to its setting in an all-femal high school haunted be a girl who committed suicide years earlier.

  4. “Into the Mirror” - Another K-Horror movie remade into a lackluster American attempt, the original film remains best Korean scary movies made. The movie follows a former police officer who quit when his partner died and now works as a security guard in a mall. When employees begin to commit suicide, he begins to investigate.

  5. “Phone” - The storyline of this K-Horror film involves a cell phone, whose owners all mysteriously die. One of the best Korean scary movies, the film follows a young woman who is an investigative journalist and received a cell phone from her editor to use until a case she is working on concludes. When the phone begins ringing, she begins a terrifying haunting.

  6. “Cello” - This 2005 Korean horror film tells the story of a story of a Cello associate teacher who begins to experience strange occurrences after a student makes a veiled threat towards her. The movie is one of the best Korean scary movies, a ghost story of a girl who is haunted by her past.

  7. “Tell Me Something” - This 1999 South Korean film is a thriller about a serial killer who replaces body parts of current victims with those killed in the past. The movie is incredible bloody and remains one of the best Korean scary movies. A detective sets out to find the killer and grows close to a young woman who knew all the victims.

  8. “The Red Shoes” - One of the best Korean scary movies, “The Red Shoes” is based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. The movie follows a recently separated woman who finds a pair of red shoes on the subway train that are cursed, causing envy and obsession to anyone who possesses them.

  9. “Memento Mori”- A direct follow-up to “Whispering Corridors,” “Memento Mori” retains the unease of the original and remains one of the best Korean scary movies. While the two movies have little in common plot-wise, this film continues to popularize the girl school motif as well as the J-Horror plot device of committing suicide while pregnant.

  10. “Cinderella”- This dark, disturbing K-Horror film is one of the best Korean scary movies, a story of a group of girls who all receive plastic surgery from one of their mothers. When one of the girls begins to have visions of a ghostly girl, the sins of the past returns to haunt the plastic surgeon.