Grab a box of tissue and get ready to bust a gut with the 10 best Korean romantic comedies. Just like American rom-coms, the best Korean romantic comedies have a tendency to be a bit formulaic, but despite their predictability, the ten best Korean romantic comedies are filled with adorably quirky characters and heart wrenching storylines that will have you wiping your eyes and blowing your nose before the movie is over.

  1. “Hello School Girl” (2008) An adorable look at love and love lost, this Korean romantic comedy follows a group on high school students that shed boyfriends and girlfriend faster than socks.

  2. “100 Days with Mr. Arrogant” (2004) Frustrated by being dumped, Ha-yeong kicks a soda can and causes millionaire playboy Hyeong-jun to scratch his car. Unable to pay for the damages, Ha-yeong agrees to be in his service for 100 days. As the days pass, hilarity and romance ensue in this one of the ten best Korean romantic comedies.

  3. “My Tutor Friend” (2003) At their wits end with their lazy son, a wealthy family hires a tutor to help him finish his high school requirements. Feelings between the pair begin to grow, but will their budding relationship survive their different backgrounds? It’s a little formulaic at times, but this Korean romantic comedy is good for a laugh.

  4. “Seducing Mr. Perfect” (2006) To stay out of trouble after bumping a guy with her car, Min-june pretends not to speak English. Her relief turns to horror when she finds out that he man she hit is her new boss. Seeing the attraction between the two, Min-june’s friends dare her to seduce her new boss. This Korean romantic comedy is a must-see for fans of campy comedy.

  5. “My Little Bride” (2004) This Korean romantic comedy tackles the subject of arranged marriages with a light-hearted wisdom that takes the horror out of the subject of arranged marriages.

  6. “My Boyfriend is Type B” (2005) After a chance meeting over a cell phone, Young-bin is convinced that she and her boyfriend are meant to be together. The only problem is his type B blood, completely incompatible with her type A. A hilarious look at the the things that keep us from following our hearts this Korean romantic comedy.

  7. “200 Pounds Beauty” (2006) Although she is a famous pop singer, Hanna still suffers from low self-esteem. In what she sees as her last chance at happiness, she decides to go for full body plastic surgery. A touching and funny look at love and self-acceptance, this Korean romantic comedy will have you laughing and crying.

  8. “My Sassy Girl” (2001) The only Korean romantic comedy that is based on a blog, this movie is the true story of one man trying to cope with his sweet but domineering girlfriend.

  9. “April Bride” (2009) I the spirit of films like “Steel Magnolias,” this Korean romantic comedy is a mixture of comedy gold and heart-wrenching sadness. After finding out the his girlfriend only has a month to live, Taro decides to plan their wedding anyway.

  10. "My Wife is a Gangster" (2001) Part action film and part romantic comedy, this Korean romantic comedy is a fun look at what happens when a mild mannered man discovers that his adorable wife is a gang busting assassin.