The ten best Japanese movies 2010 were some of the most anticipated Asian films of the year. From samurai epics and romantic dramas to Japanese thrillers and true crime stories, this list features the best in recent Japanese films. For your convenience, the movies are listed alphabetically by film title.

  1. "About Her Brother." “About Her Brother,” also known as “Ototo” and “Younger Brother,” is a 2010 Japanese drama starring Ryo Kase, Yu Aoi and Yuriko Ishida. The story centers on a pharmacist’s daughter and her younger brother, the black sheep of the family.

  2. “Cold Fish.” “Cold Fish,” originally titled “Tsumetai nettaigyo,” is a Japanese thriller starring Makoto Ashikawa, Mitsuru Fukikoshi and Denden. The 2010 film is a based on the true story of a 1990s incident known as the “Saitama serial murders of dog lovers.”

  3. “A Crowd Of Three.” “A Crowd Of Three,” originally titled “Kenta to Jun to Kayo-chan no Kuni,” is a 2010 drama starring Shota Matsuda, Kengo Kora and Sakura Ando. The story centers on two friends who take a road trip to a prison to see the brother of one of the men.

  4. “Hana No Ato.” “Hano No Ato,” translated “After The Flowers,” is a 2010 Japanese movie starring Keiko Kitagawa, Shuntaro Miyao and Kamejiro Ichikawa. Based on a popular novel, the movie is set in feudal Japan and features female samurai.

  5. “Haru’s Journey.” “Haru’s Journey,” originally titled “Haru Tono Tabi,” is a 2010 drama starring Tatsuya Nakadai, Eri Tokunaga and Hideji Otaki. The movie looks at Japanese culture through acceptance, endurance and family commitments.

  6. “Norwegian Wood.” “Norwegian Wood,” originally titled “Noruwei no mori,” is a Japanese romantic drama from 2010. After hearing a Beatles song, a man remembers his life in the 1960s when his friend committed suicide and he grew close to his friend’s girlfriend.

  7. “Outrage.” “Outrage,” originally titled “Autoreiji,” is a 2010 Japanese crime drama. The plot revolves around a power struggle among Tokyo’s Yakuza clans. Takeshi Kitano, Kippei Shiina and Ryo Kase star in the film.

  8. “Ranbo To Taiki.” “Ranbo To Taiki” is a Japanese movie starring Asano Tadanobu, Eiko Koike and Minami. The story centers on a man and a woman living together under one roof. Their strange, tense relationship changes when new neighbors move in.

  9. “Solanin.” “Solanin” is a 2010 Japanese drama starring Arata, Yoichi Kondo, Kengo Kora and Aoi Miyazaki. The movie focuses on a young office worker determined to help her boyfriend stay interested in music and his band.

  10. “Thirteen Assassins.” “Thirteen Assassins,” originally titled “Jusan-nin no shikaku,” is a remake of a 1963 black-and-white film. Based on a true story, this samurai epic tells the story of a team of assassins on a suicide mission to kill an evil lord. The film stars Koji Yakusho, Takayuki Yamada and Yusuke Iseya.