10 Best Japanese Movies 2008

Saturday, April 16 by Louis Yang

Japan always provides the world with good movies, so here's the 10 best Japanese movies of 2008. There were many great Japanese films in 2008, but the hard choices were made and the select few that are on this list were only the greatest. The movies listed here range from independent films to ones made by the most famous directors of this generation.

  1. ''Tokyo Sonata'' The plot is not entirely original; a salaryman is suddenly fired, but he develops a super-power that  rips apart his life. A film by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, it's a must see for any horror fan.
  2. ''Okuribito'' An unusual movie by Yojiro Takita. This film is about a cellist who is enjoys his job in preparing cadavers a bit too much. This film will get audiences thinking and see things from a whole new perspective.
  3. ''Gururi No Koto'' A film by  Hashiguchi about a Japanese couple that's going through a hard time in their relationship. This movie is heavily based on the feelings of Japanese society during economic recession.
  4. ''Aruitemo Areuitemo'' An inspirational Japanese film of a perfectly normal family reunion. Like most great Japanese movies, this one is extremely thought provoking and truly deserves to be called one of the best of 2008. There's no terrible conflict, but that's the beauty of this film.
  5. ''United Red Army'' Director Wakamatsu makes a documentary about the Japanese student protests of the '60s. Drawn from some personal experiences, this film displays all the fine points of Wakamatsu's style.
  6. ''Kimi No Komodachi'' A semi-sappy film based on a manga. This Japanese film is of a childhood friendship between two girls, but as the film progresses, so does the multilayered plot. It's a slightly formula-based movie, but a great one nonetheless. 
  7. ''Sex is No Laughing Matter'' In a way, this film is the Japanese version of ''An Education''. A college student is seduced by his much older professor, and hilarious antics and risque jokes ensue.
  8. ''Kaabee'' A film based on the diary of legendary director Akira Kurosawa. Director Yamada takes a look at Japan at war from the view of a child.
  9. ''Zenzen Daijobu'' A coming of age film about two young boys chasing a a beautiful, yet nerdy girl. It may be a bit overdone at times, but offers original humor and story through most of the movie.
  10. ''Ponyo'' Animation legend Miyazaki's world renowned masterpiece couldn't possibly not be on this list. The entire film is hand-drawn and enticing from beginning to end.
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