The complete list of the 10 best Japanese animated movies is finally online. Japanese animated movies are endless sources of joy for those with a taste for the bizarre. If you want the best of the best, read on. 

  1. "Catnapped" - Burburina is an evil cat who can turn anything into a balloon. Toriyasu and Meeko come to the rescue after Burburina steals their dog and tries to use it to take over the world. This is a Japanese animated movie for kids, but adults with warped minds will love it, too. 

  2. "Baccano" - Mafia families and other thugs terrorize a New York train in 1931. An assortment of crazy characters flash back to this event in their own way. You might have a shot at understanding this American adapted Japanese movie if you watch it twenty times or so. It gets better every time. 

  3. "Akira" - World War 2 transforms Japan with two nuclear explosions. This popular anime classic is set in postwar Japan.

  4. "Grave of the Fireflies" - Just say no to war. Another postwar animated movie from Japan, "Grave of the Fireflies" comes with an underlying message that war is evil. 

  5. "My Neighbor Totoro" - Totoros are magical creatures who go on crazy adventures with sisters Satsuke and Mei. 

  6. "Spirited Away" - Ten year old Chihiro has a Wonderland style adventure after being separated from her family. 

  7. "Blood: The Last Vampire" - An undercover vampire slayer fights undercover vampires and demons. 

  8. "Princess Mononoke" - Ashitaka takes on Earth destroying mining interests on behalf of the nature spirits in this blockbuster Japanese film. 

  9. "Ninja Scroll" - A wandering ninja and his girlfriend take on demons who threaten existence as we know it. The threat of death by poison forced Jubei, the ninja, into saving the day.

  10. "Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles" - This Japanese animated movie is based on the popular "Robotech" comic book series. An intergalactic war breaks out in 2044 as humans expand their empire beyond Earth and the Milky Way. 

These are the ten best Japanese animated movies. Watch them all back to back for a really bizarre adventure. It should take about twenty to 24 hours, but it's worth it.