These ten best Iranian movies with English subtitles are some of the most popular Iranian films currently available. Viewers can purchase them in DVD format, and many are available for online viewing. Most of these movies were produced in the Persian and Kurdish languages.

  1. “Baran.” Considered one of the most beautiful Iranian movies ever made, “Baran” is a love story about a young Iranian construction worker and an Afghan immigrant laborer. A winner of numerous international awards, this 2001 film stars Hossein Abedini, Zahra Bahrami, and Mohammad Amir Naji.

  2. “The Blue Veiled.” “The Blue Veiled” is a romantic 1995 family film. It follows a widowed owner of a tomato farm, and the women who work for him. This award-winning film was directed by Rakhshan Bani-E'temad, Iran’s premiere female film director and screenwriter.

  3. “Born Under Libra.” “Born Under Libra,” a 2001 political drama, made headlines when the film’s director was kidnapped and left to die in the desert. The film depicts a youthful unrest that mirrors Iran’s never-ending political turmoil. Winner of a Fajr Film Festival award, the movie stars Mohammad Reza Forutan, Mitra Hajjar, and Mahmud Azizi.

  4. “The Hidden Half.” “The Hidden Half” is another Iranian political drama. It tells of a man charged with discovering information about a female political prisoner awaiting execution. A winner of numerous international awards, this 2001 drama stars Niki Karimi, Mohammad Nikbin, and Atila Pesiani.

  5. “Kandahar.” “Kandahar” is a 2001 Iranian family drama. It tells of an Afghan-born Canadian journalist who travels to Afghanistan to search for her sister. Nelofer Pazira, Hassan Tantai, and Ike Ogut star in the film, which won numerous international awards.

  6. “The Mirror.” “The Mirror” is a 1997 family drama about a young girl waiting for her mother to pick her up from school. When her mother doesn’t arrive, she decides to find her way home alone. Starring Mina Mohammad Khani, Kazem Mojdehi, and Naser Omuni, this beautiful drama won numerous national and international awards.

  7. “Smell Of Camphor, Fragrance Of Jasmine.” “Smell Of Camphor, Fragrance Of Jasmine” is a 2000 Iranian movie about a director who hasn’t made a film in almost 25 years. The movie is filled with his observations on life, art, and politics. The winner of three international film awards, this documentary-like movie is considered a must-see Iranian film.

  8. “Through Sunglasses.” “Through Sunglasses” is a heartwarming Iranian comedy. The 2000 film focuses on the captivating world of men and women, and how each gender tends to view the opposite sex.  The movie stars Iraj Tahmasb, Pantea Bahrami, and Azizolah Honaramouz.

  9. “A Time For Drunken Horses.” “A Time For Drunken Horses” is the winner of ten international film awards. The 2000 war drama follows real-life siblings in their struggle to survive in Iranian Kurdistan, just off the Iraqi border. Ayoub Ahmadi, Rojin Younessi, and Amaneh Ekhtiardini star in the film.

  10. “The Wind Will Carry Us.” “The Wind Will Carry Us” is a 1999 Iranian drama. It tells of a group of media professionals who travel to a small village in northern Kurdistan, where the fate of a dying man gets their attention. This simple yet beautiful movie is a multiple award-winner. It stars Behzad Dorani, Noghre Asadi, and Roushan Karam Elmi.