With such a divisive, and historically ugly concept such as "race", viewing the 10 best interracial movies can be a way to either cope with race, question it, or just simply laugh at it's absurdity. One theme that seems to be an equal parallel between these interracial movies is that we are all human and have the same basic needs. Whether it is comedy, drama, or action, these interracial movies should be viewed and discussed.

  1. "Do the Right Thing" - When it comes to examining the often-intense culture clash of race relations, Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing" is the most uncompromising, painfully honest interracial movie in cinema. It centers around one block in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, New York and how the hellish summer heat can escalate trivial disagreements into full-blown violent conflicts.

  2. "Shadows" - Director John Cassavetes created a powerful interracial movie, especially for 1959 when racism was unfortunately tolerated as "normal". Cassavetes' observant cameras captured New York City from the street level, following a jazzy hipster named Benny and his African-American siblings dealing with the results of their sister's interracial relationship.

  3. "Glory" - This interracial movie takes place during the US Civil War, starring Matthew Broderick as Robert Gould Shaw, who led the first all-African American volunteer infantry. Denzel Washington blesses this film with an explosive Academy Award winning performance as Private Trip, an emotionally scarred ex-slave.

  4. "In the Heat of the Night" - The great Canadian director Norman Jewison put forth this film dealing with interracial conflicts in Sparta, Mississippi during the 1960's. It stars Sidney Poitier as Detective Virgil Tibbs wrongfully accused of the murder of a successful Caucasian businessman.

  5. "Trading Places" - This hilarious comedy classic from director John Landis star Saturday Night Live alumni Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd as economic opposites that switch lifestyles thanks to a bet between two shrewd millionaires. Aykroyd loses his rich investor career to Murphy who happily leaves his impoverished survival tactics as a petty con artist.

  6. "Lethal Weapon" - Richard Donner, director of the "The Goonies" and "Superman: The Movie", orchestrates this interracial buddy cop thriller starring Mel Gibson as the suicidal, traumatized loner Sergeant Martin Riggs and Danny Glover as the straight-laced family man Sergeant Roger Murtaugh. This clever action film led to a sprawling series of three additional installments.

  7. "A Bronx Tale" - This directorial debut by the magnificent actor Robert De Niro, based on the life of his co-star Chazz Palminteri, may appear as merely another great New York City Mob movie, but an interracial relationship ups the ante in this tightly woven drama. When De Niro's character Lorenzo Anello's Italian-American son Calogero starts dating Jane, an African-American student played by Taral Hicks, their friends and family members begin to clash due to racial hatred.

  8. "Jungle Fever" - Once again, Spike Lee pulls no punches with another racial-charged motion picture. Wesley Snipes stars as an African-American architect from Harlem New York who starts an interracial affair with Annabella Sciorra's character, his Italian-American secretary that causes domestic tension on both fronts.

  9. "Monster's Ball". Halle Berry won a Best Actress Academy Award for her portrayal of Leticia Musgrove, an African-American widow whose husband was a prisoner that gets executed. Ironically, Berry's interracial relationship is with Billy Bob Thornton's character Hank Grotowski, who is the racist Caucasian prison guard who performed the execution.

  10. "48 Hrs" - Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte star as a convict and a cop respectively that are after a cop killer. This 1982 action comedy contains many firsts, it was Eddie Murphy's first film, his first Golden Globe nomination, producer Joel Silver's first production, and is also considered the first "buddy cop" film, leading to many other interracial cop films such as the "Lethal Weapon" and "Rush Hour" series.