These 10 best Indian comedy movies will have you laughing until your stomach hurts. Experts at satire, there are popular comedic takes on issues ranging from farmer suicides to America’s war on terrorism. Take life a little less seriously with these uproarious films. 

  1. “To Each, His Own Style.” Amar Manohar and Prem Bhopali compete to win the hand of a rich heiress so that they can live as trophy husbands and never have to work a day in their lives. It’s even more hilarious when they decide to work out their differences and team up with an elaborate scheme to win the lady’s hand through the acceptance of her father.

  2. “3 Idiots.” This highly entertaining Bollywood comedy is the highest-grossing Indian film in the country’s history. It tells the story of three engineering classmates and friends, and their wild adventures involving a crashed wedding and a crazy funeral.

  3. “Bombay to Goa.” As an Indian comedy classic, this adventure film has touched the hearts of all of India as it embraces the country’s wide variety of traditions, religions and cultures. The audience is introduced to India’s diversity during a bus journey when Mala runs away from home to pursue a Bollywood acting career.

  4. “Peepli Live.” Touching on an issue that is rampant in rural India, this comic satire takes a peek at farmer suicides. It wittily criticizes the involvement of the media and politicians in this serious subject matter.

  5. “Munna Bhai M.B.B.S." Inspired be the American comedy, “Patch Adams,” this film revolves around a crime boss posing as a doctor for the sake of his parents. When the truth is discovered, he tries to redeem himself by actually going to medical school where he upturns the existing doctor-patient theories.

  6. “De Dana Dan.” The star-filled Hindi cast for this film brings Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal back together after their famous comedy “Hera Pheri” and its sequels. Side-splitting chaos ensues when Nitin Bankar wants to win the heart of the stunning Anjali Kakkad.

  7. “I Hate Luv Storys.” This sweet Bollywood romantic comedy stars Imran Khan as Jay and Sonam Kapoor as Simran. Simran is a sucker for Bollywood romances, but Jay doesn’t believe in love. It will take Jay the entire movie for him to realize that he’s fallen for Simran.

  8. “Angoor.” Based on Shakespeare’s “A Comedy of Errors,” this Hindi comedy is about two pairs of adult identical twins and what happens when they all meet each other for the first time. There’s potential for hilarious mix-ups when both sets of twins with the same names-two Ashok’s and two Bahadur’s-reenter into each others’ lives.

  9. “Satte Pe Satta.” This movie has it all with tastes of action, drama and comedy. It tells the story of seven parentles brothers. The first half outlines all their oddities as they grow up without parents and eventually fall in love, while the second half speaks to the power of family.

  10. “Without You, Bin Laden.” Pakistani pop singer, Ali Zafar, takes the lead in this Bollywood comedy that spoofs Bin Laden and takes a satiric point of view regarding America’s war on terrorism. He plays a young journalist who creates and sells a bogus Bin Laden video so that he can migrate to America.