The best IMAX 3D movies are what's supposed to change cinema forever these days, but so far the response has been slightly muted considering how many bad movies have been made in 3D. This is because many are not true 3D movies and cannot be seen on an IMAX screen. However, this list of the best 3D movies here are examples of what the medium of 3D could become, if properly executed.

  1. "Avatar" James Cameron's long-awaited IMAX 3D spectacular broke box office records and wasn't a bad film itself. But in full 3D on an IMAX screen, there are few immersive experiences anyone has ever had inside of a movie theater so far.

  2. "Coraline" A uniquely animated IMAX 3D movie, "Coraline" takes its main character through a bizarre fantasy world, allowing it to take the audience places it never thought possible. This helps to make the IMAX 3D movie more like a ride, making it one of the best Imax 3D movies released so far.

  3. "Wild Ocean" An underwater documentary about the oceans shot entirely in 3D is so spectacular that you will walk out of the IMAX theater feeling like you've been swimming underwater for the past hour and a half. Or at least wishing you could.

  4. "Beowulf" This under-appreciated animated retelling of the classic tale about Beowulf was a spectacle in IMAX 3D. Sadly, few people saw it and it, along with its technological advances, was quickly forgotten.

  5. "U2 3D" Concert films are usually boring and U2 is usually obnoxiously full of themselves. But this IMAX 3D movie version of their concert is stellar in its marriage of images and sound. Plus it's way cheaper then buying the same seats to one of U2's shows.

  6. "Polar Express 3D" One of the most expensive animated films ever made was a catastrophic flop at the box office. That's probably because it was years ahead of its time and there were hardly any IMAX 3D theaters anywhere. However, today "Polar Express 3D" might have been a real success.

  7. "Up" Pixar regularly releases brilliant films, but "Up" was the first one where they released it in IMAX 3D, immersing the audience in this animated world even more. The result? One of the best IMAX 3D movies made so far.

  8. "The Dark Knight" One of the most financially successful and critically acclaimed comic book films ever made, "The Dark Knight" was also released in IMAX 3D. It's just as good of a movie in that format, as well.

  9. "Alice in Wonderland" Tim Burton and Johnny Depp teamed up once again to remake this live action version of the Disney classic. While we've seen the story a million times before, the immersive IMAX 3D makes it feel like an entirely new movie.

  10. "Hubble 3D" This IMAX 3D movie takes the audience outside space stations to view astronauts working and walking in space with the glowing Earth as their backdrop. This is one of the best IMAX 3D movies due to its incredible images.