The 10 best human nature movies deal with raw human emotions on many levels. The range of films show directors and actors over the decades of film, from the earliest times of the art form until today, know how to pull the heart strings and tell a story that rings true for at least some of the viewers. The range of movies also show that the human nature story can be told again and again and still touch audiences. 

  1. "Taxi Driver." Humans can be pushed only so far before cracking and Travis, played by Robert De Niro, has reached that point. This best human nature film shows the dark side of human nature and the impact that the ravages of war have on a veteran, now a taxi driver who uses the violence he was taught for war.

  2. "Human Nature." This 2001 comedy tells the story of three people, all different personality types growing up in different ways. Charlie Kaufman did the writing honors for this film about a scientist, naturalist and a man who was raised as an ape. The irony in this film rests with the wisdom of the ape compared to the humans. 

  3. "On the Waterfront." Marlon Brando exposes the dark side of human nature and the manipulation that evil people do for money. By the time Brando's character realizes he's been played for the fool, it's too late for him in his boxing career. Brando's monologue shows he's finally wise and doesn't want anyone else to go through his pain. 

  4. "The Last Picture Show." Cloris Leachman, Timothy Bottoms and Cybil Shepard star in this film about life in small town and the closing of the last business in a dying town. The best human nature movie also explores the emptiness of the heart and the yearning for love that all people have, regardless of age. 

  5. "The Gold Rush." You don't need to be a fan of silent films to feel Charlie Chaplin's pain in getting dumped by a girl. Charlie falls in love with a dance hall girl and finally has the courage to invite her to his tiny mining shack for dinner. The dark side of the dance hall girl's heart is exposed when she stands Charlie up to dance for the drunken miners in town. 

  6. "Housekeeping." Christine Lahti plays the main character and Sara Walker and Andrea Burchill the two siblings left to live with their aunt when their mother dies. This 1987 film celebrates human differences and exposes small-minded people who insist that everyone conform. The enlightening thing about this film is conformists and free spirits watching the film each side with different film characters at the end. 

  7. "Se7en." This film depicts the dark side of human nature and two main characters who are responsible for policing people who turn to destroying life. Unfortunately for actor Brad Pitt, the dark side is more than he can bear when his loved one is killed. 

  8. "Unforgiven." Human nature against the elements and human versus other humans are the themes of this best film staring Clint Eastwood, a man with admirable human qualitie fighting against a community group who never developed any human compassion. 

  9. " The Sixth Sense."  M. Night Shyamalan's strange film about the living and the dead explores human nature and the survival instinct. The best human nature movie also provides insight into the inability to accept the realities of life, and death. The child in the film has more insight than the adult characters.

  10. "Mr. Blandings Builds Hi Dream House." Carry Grant and Myna Loy star in this story about a family building their perfect home. The comedy highlights the search for a comfortable environment, while at the same time exploring the question of what makes a home a happy.