The 10 best hot teacher movies give us a range of sexy ladies. Some or all of these women may be your type. They range from the sexy older woman to the hot young teacher just starting out. Live out your fantasies with the movies below. 

  1. “Dangerous Minds.” Michelle Pfeiffer made a name for herself in this teacher movie, starring as LouAnne Johnson. She established herself as a hot teacher and gained the respect of the African-American and Hispanic students in a tough neighborhood of California.

  2. “Freedom Writers.” Hilary Swank is as hot as always in this movie about an inspirational teacher. Through the film, she’s able to eventually instill confidence in her students and motivate them to make something of themselves.

  3. “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.” In this 60’s film, the young Maggie Smith establishes herself as a hot yet strong teacher. She’s the rebel teacher at a private school where she’s determined to ignore the syllabus and do her own thing.

  4. “Up the Down Staircase.” Sandy Dennis stars in this teacher movie, also set in the 1960’s. The film tells the tale of her experiences as a young teacher in a tough New York secondary school.

  5. “The Miracle Worker." Anne Bancroft’s hotness takes a backseat in this serious film. The movie is a semi-biography about her efforts to teach the blind and deaf Helen Keller to communicate.

  6. “Music of the Heart.” Though she’s hitting her 50s when she stars in this film, Meryl Streep can still be considered a hot teacher. It’s a story of her dedication to teaching violin to at-risk children and stars other hot teachers such as Gloria Estefan.

  7. “Teaching Mrs. Tingle.” A student just may have to murder her history teacher, Mrs. Tingle, to make valedictorian. Helen Mirren plays Mrs. Tingle and plays the role of sexy older lady perfectly.

  8. “My Teacher’s Wife.” You may just watch this movie to see Tia Carrere in all her hotness. She plays a math tutor who teachers more than math in her tutoring sessions.

  9. “Notes on a Scandal.” Let your fantasies come true in this film starring Cate Blanchett. In the movie, one of her students couldn’t resist how hot she was and started an affair with her.

  10. “Rushmore.” In this hot teacher movie, Jason Schwartzmen plays a teenager who’s infatuated with his teacher. Olivia Williams is the hot teacher in this film.