Finding the 10 best hot scenes in movies is not an easy task. There are so many movies that include hot, sexy scenes for the audience to watch and enjoy. While the best hot scenes is a matter of opinion, there are 10 scenes in movies that definitely need to be on the list.

  1. Jack draws Rose in "Titanic." While there is no actual sex in this scene, it’s hard to deny that it’s hot. A naked Rose (Kate Winslet) lies out on a couch sensually while Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) captures her erotic, suggestive position in a drawing. All the while, Kate stares at him with desire. Very hot.

  2. Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct." Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) is brought to the police station for questioning. Not a very romantic situation for such a steamy movie. But as the scene progresses, the audience watches with suspense as Catherine crosses and uncrosses her legs several times, revealing exactly what’s under that skirt.

  3. 69 in "A History of Violence." For the first time in a non-pornographic American film, two characters, Edie (Maria Bello) and Tom (Viggo Mortenson) engage in the infamous 69 sexual act while Edie is wearing a cheerleader outfit. The stage is set for kinkiness, but the scene is surprisingly tender, but just as hot as you’d expect.

  4. "Ghost:" Too Famous to Describe. It’s hard to get hotter than Sam and Molly (Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore) in Ghost. At the height of their love, these two young lovers heat things up while molding a clay pot. It might not sound sexy, but things get steamy fast.

  5. Chemistry in "The Big Easy." Remy (Dennis Quaid) and Anne ( Ellen Barkin) seem like an unlikely pair. They seem opposite in every way, until we see them in the bedroom. In a very realistic, hot love scene, their chemistry ignites with passion.

  6. Foreplay in "9 ½ Weeks." John and Elizabeth (Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger) enjoy lots of sex in this film, but the hottest parts of the scene involve their foreplay. The creativity that goes on, especially when John gets Elizabeth all hot and bothered with an ice cube, is sure to get the audience hot.

  7. Three Way in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona." This films comes with a surprising (and hot) twist. Cristina (Scarlett Johansson), Juan (Javier Bardem) and Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz) become an “item” in a sexy three way relationship. In one scene, the three of them get steamy in the dark room and the audience watches with delight as their lovemaking style is revealed.

  8. Boy love in "Y Tu Mama Tambien." Ana (Ana Lopez Mercado) takes two young men under her wing and decides to school them sexually. The hot love scene that follows has all three characters (and the audience) hot, steamy and bursting with desire.

  9. Opening Scene in "Betty Blue." Instead of the usually five or ten minutes of set-up that most movies make audiences sit through, this one starts out a bit differently. The opening scene is Betty (Béatrice Dalle) and Zorg (Jean-Hugues Anglade) thrusting and moaning as they have at it. The scene is so realistic, it is often speculated that the two actors were really engaging in some hot afternoon sex.

  10. Don’t stop in "Body Heat." The camera pans over to show the audience a face-down Matty (Kathleen Turner) who is crying out in desire. She tells her lover Ned (William Hurt) not to stop pleasuring her in slow, almost painfully slow, and gasping words. Not much gets hotter than Body Heat and this scene.