You would think that putting together a list of the 10 best horror movies for 2009 would be hard. With the amount of unoriginal remakes constantly hitting the movie market today, it would almost seem like choosing the best would be like hunting for gold in a septic tank. Well, good reader, you're in luck because 2009 was actually filled with some epic and original releases in the horror genre. Read and believe because here's the absolute best horror movies of 2009:

  1. "Dead Snow" The best horror movies of 2009 actually featured some great horror-comedies and the Norwegian zombie film "Dead Snow" is an example of just that. It begins just like every other horror movie—a group of friends go on vacation and get caught up with a violent, supernatural entity of some sort. In "Dead Snow" these happen to be the flesh-eating corpses of the same Nazi troop that occupied the Norwegian mountains during WWII.

  2. "Dead Girl" "Dead Girl" is one of those horror movies that shows how the human mind is far more horrifying than the supernatural. A couple teenage boy break into an abandoned insane asylum and stumble across the zombified, yet strangely attractive, corpse of at unknown girl. Doing what teenage boys do, they turn her into a undead sex toy and descend into complete madness.

  3. "Paranormal Activity" Love it or hate it, "Paranormal Activity" finds its place among the best horror movies of 2009 because of its strange ability to get viewers to root for the downfall of its protagonists. A suburbanite couple find themselves plagued by a demon from the infernal regions and catch all their torment on camera. After the endless whine festival, you'll probably think you're in hell as well!

  4. "The Road" If you haven't seen this, you're probably hiding somewhere under a rock! A father and son try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are eaten and kept as livestock. It's touching and disturbin, and without a doubt, one of the best horror movies of 2009.

  5. "Zombieland" Yet another horror-comedy finding its way on the best horror movies of 2009 list. This film is one part zombie instructional guide, one part black comedy,and yet another part all out gore-fest! The inclusion of Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" during the opening credits is pure icing on the cake!

  6. "Antichrist" A stylish psychological horror about what happens when the motherly instinct goes wrong, "Antichrist" is filled to the hilt with beautiful and disturbing imagery. Beware, it unfolds somewhat slow, so make sure you're in the right mood to really pay attention. Once the genital mutilation begins, you'll be glad you did!

  7. "Final Destination 3D" If you've seen any of the other films in the "Final Destination" series, you already know the score here. The time space continuum gets messed up and "death" is out to wreak havoc. What makes this one of the best horror movies of 2009 is how simply awesome it is to see gore in 3D!

  8. "The Human Centipede: First Sequence" Not only one of the best horror movies of 2009, but probably the weirdest as well. Three people are surgically attached mouth-to-anus by a demented German doctor. That's all that needs to be said.

  9. "Thirst" "Thirst" is a Korean film that tells the story of a priest who gets a blood transfusion, turns into a vampire and has a weird and gory affair with his best friends wife. See it before someone somewhere remakes it in English with over-paid actors.

  10. "Blood Creek" And the best B-horror movie of 2009 award goes to the borderline retarded film "Blood Creek!" A Nazi occultist travels to America to invoke the power of a mysterious rune stone left by Viking raiders and opens his glorious third eye in the process. It's completely ridiculous and worth a watch if you're into the B-horror thing.