The 10 best horror movie killers come in many shapes and sizes, from a gargantuan alien to a baker’s confection. They have one thing in common: an insatiabl thirst for murder. Let the blood letting begin.

  1. Alien – The alien in the “Alien” franchise doesn’t have a name but it deserves a place on the list of the 10 best horror movie killers nonetheless. Any creature that drools acid, lays eggs inside of people, can kill entire platoons of space marines, and has an even more badass mouth tucked inside it’s already pretty badass mouth is horror film royalty.

  2. Leatherface Leatherface was the original juggernaut. An enormous, mentally retarded man with a mask hewn of human skin and insatiable appetite for destruction, the hero of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” impales a woman on a meat hook, cuts open a guy in a wheel chair, dismembers a few others, and indulges in some good old fashioned skinning. All masked, signature-weapon wielding serial killers owe their existence to him, one of the 10 best movie killers.

  3. Michael Meyers – Michael Meyers advances the notions put forth by Leatherface – brute strength, mask, brutal weapons – by using a little back story to explain that killing is something of a fetish developed in the impressionable minds of youth. Call it bullshit if you’d like, but it’s a pretty interesting concept, and Meyers is certainly one of the 10 best horror movies killers.

  4. Norman Bates – As has been said countless times before, the thing that makes Norman Bates so damn frightening is how normal he seems. The titular “Psycho” of Hitchcock’s landmark film, Bates is one of the 10 ten horror movie killers for his juxtaposition of soft-spoken kindness and homicidal insanity.

  5. Jason Voorhees – Every few years, Jason Voorhees rises from the depths of Crystal Lake, dons his hockey mask, finds himself a big ol' knife, disembowels some randy teenagers involved in sinful activities, and is ostensibly killed once more. What makes him one of the ten best horror movie killers is his that, despite his lumbering pace, you just can’t outrun the guy.  

  6. Freddie Krueger – Mr. Krueger is perhaps the most original of our 10 best horror movie killers, given his brilliant conceit: he attacks you in your dreams, praying on your deepest fears by penetrating your wandering psyche. It’s a genius and terrifying idea, and one that is played to great effect in the best films of the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise.      

  7. John Doe – John Doe, the anonymous killer from David Fincher’s “Se7en,” orchestrated a masterpiece of murder built around the seven deadly sins, and has been widely imitated since, most notably by Jigsaw of the “Saw” franchise.

  8. Chucky – Can’t go wrong with Chucky. Why? Cause he’s a doll that kills people! This tongue-in-cheek character was able to be genuinely frightening while satirizing the bulky slashers of the 80’s by manifesting a maniacal killer’s spirit in a toy. Chucky is devious, deviant, delightful, and one of the 10 best horror movie killers.

  9. Billy Chapman – Billy’s film, “Silent Night, Deadly Night,” was the source of some controversy when it appeared in 1984, and didn’t end up garnering the popular fan base of Jason or Freddie. The tale is one an orphan who turn into a serial killer when he puts on a Santa outfit. Billy notches one of the great kills of the 80’s slasher genre when he impales a topless woman on deer antlers.

  10. The Gingerdead Man – The Gingerdead Man is a murderous cookie voiced by Gary Busey. That alone makes him one of the ten best horror movie killers. Add the insane camp of the film and Gingerdead Man’s cackling, absurd villainy, and you’ve got one nasty little baked good.