The best horror movie deaths of the 2000’s feature a batch of surprise deaths that shocked and enthused the viewers more than they disgusted them. While the horror movies of the 2000’s were not as much about the slasher kill as the previous decades, these deaths still made audiences laugh and cheer in excitement.

  1. “Let the Right One In” This movie was remade in America but the original Swedish version was perfect as it was. One of the best horror movie deaths of the 2000’s occurred when Eli, the young vampire girl, needed to feed and attacked someone under a bridge. The entire kill was shot from a distance, making is even more frightening.

  2. “Drag Me to Hell” Sam Raimi returns to horror with this homage to his “Evil Dead” trilogy and includes one of the best horror movie deaths of the 2000’s. The movie ends and, when we think the two main characters will live happily ever after, the ground opens and swallows our hero, dragging her straight to hell.

  3. “Final Destination” Most of the kills in this movie are inventive but one of the best was one just shocking. One of the characters says she won’t wait around for death, steps off a curb and is flattened by a speeding bus. It is fun, shocking and fantastic.

  4. “28 Weeks Later” One of the best horror movie deaths of the 2000’s is not just one death, but a slaughter of numerous individuals. In the sequel to “28 Days Later,” the infected are chasing our heroes through a field when a helicopter flies overhead, swoops down, and chops the monsters to pieces with the blades.

  5. “Shaun of the Dead” Most of this great movie contains moments of loving homage to George Romero. However, the one moment where it feels most like a horror movie is when David is grabbed by the zombies and is disemboweled.

  6. “Let the Right One In” This second kill from the Swedish movie comes around the end. Much like the earlier kill, this is one of the best horror movie deaths of the 2000’s because of what we barely see. The bullies are trying to drown Oskar but then stop. As the camera sits underwater we get only a slight glimpse as Eli slaughters the bullies, saving Oskar’s life.

  7. “Dawn of the Dead” This is one of the best horror movie deaths of the 2000’s because of how messed up the entire premise is. A pregnant woman dies during labor and comes back as a zombie. After she is killed, the baby is born and is also a zombie. The survivors have no choice but to also shoot the zombie baby.

  8. “The Descent” This horror movie starts out with a bang. In one of the most surprising horror movie deaths of the 2000’s, a group of people are on their way home from rafting and one of their vehicles is in a wreck, flying debris killing a husband and daughter instantly.

  9. “Saw III” The ending features a series of deaths that remain some of the best horror movie deaths of the 2000’s. With Jigsaw and his assistant in the same room as two of his test subjects, one of the victims slashes Jigsaw’s throat, causing a shotgun to blow off the other victims head.

  10. “Zombieland” With his unannounced cameo, Bill Murray added a spark of genius to this zombie movie as he played a version of himself. When he pretending to be a zombie to scare our hero, it was obvious what was about to happen.