The ten best horror movie costumes come from a variety of different movies, era's and types of horror characters or villains. Horror movie costumes have been a favorite for generations and whether you're a fan of the genre or not, it's always fun to dress up as something completely out there and different than the everyday norm.

  1. Freddy Krueger. With his grisly burned face and killer finger knives, Freddy is a long time favorite in the horror genre. If you're good with special effects makeup and want to save on buying the mask, there are resources to help you achieve Freddy's scarred look. Clothing similar to his red and green sweater and hat are fairly simple to find in any clothing store. The finger knives prop from the costume shop would be a must buy.

  2. Jason Voorhees. The killing machine from Camp Crystal Lake never seems to stay dead. Nor do those who love dressing up like him. This horror movie costume can be achieved simply. Buy a hockey mask, scratch and cut it up a bit, get a fak machete and some old raggedy looking clothes and boots. And voile you're Jason Voorhees' maniacal twin.

  3. Michael Myers. The mask Michael wears is fairly unique and comes with attached hair, so you'll have to buy this at a costume shop. You'll probably want to invest in a fake knife too. The tattered clothes for this best horror movie costume can be found anywhere around home or perhaps at a thrift shop.

  4. Leatherface. If you plan to dress up as this chainsaw-wielding maniac, you'll need an authentic costume. A chainsaw prop would work and many costume shops keep a good supply of his mask on hand. The clothing to complete this best horror costume consists of dark jeans, boots, a white button-down shirt, a tie and either a dark jacket or butcher's apron.

  5. Pinhead. This is an extremely cool costume if you can pull it off. There are a few shops who sell Pinhead masks but some are cheap looking. Genuine glue on latex and pin props look much better and these items can be purchased at online shops. To complete his look, be sure to wear all black pleather with a fitted shirt, pants and a long trench coat or priest's gown in black.

  6. Hannibal Lecter. Dr. Lecter's look can be created fairly easy. Find an old straightjacket and buy his mask from a costume shop. Your clothing choices could be almost anything as Hannibal wore jeans, khaki pants and button down shirts.

  7. Frankenstein Monster. Almost 80 years after people first saw Boris Karloff as Frankenstein, people still love dressing up like him. This ten best horror movie costume is classic horror at its best, and hues hue of green makeup, a flattened head and signature neck bolts, this is winner costume. Costume shops will have your best selection of special effects makeup and attire.

  8. Werewolf/The Wolf Man. Another classic monster is the werewolf and costume shops carry a number of different types of werewolf masks each year. There are those that look like "The Wolf Man" (2009 starring Benicio Del Toro) and some that are reminiscent of other werewolf movies like "The Howling." Yellow or orange contacts would complete the look.

  9. Vampires. It isn't difficult to pull off this ten best horror movie costume. Buy some colored contacts (red or bright blue), some fake teeth (individual teeth that slip over your own are more realistic) and choose your attire. Modern day vampires wear everything, while old-world vampires use the velour cape. Lighten skin with white face paint and trickle fake blood around your mouth.

  10. Zombies. Zombies can be a challenging, yet fun horror movie costume. Try gluing corn flakes onto your face for that rotting flesh appearance. Apply makeup to set the look. Use different hues of makeup like greens, whites, purples and blacks. Fake blood and glue-on wounds give skin that undead look. Any type of dirty, ripped and old looking clothing will work perfectly.